Are you partial to a particular breed?

  1. I was thinking this and wanted to know other's opinions. Do you find that you always get a particular breed of cat or dog, or do you not have a preference? Is your preference dictated by your love for the breed, or by circumstances (live in a small space, allergic, etc). Just wondering.

    In the past I had a min schnauzer. When he passed away and I moved I found myself with smaller space. I knew I needed a small pet and I wanted a dog. I researched into Yorkies and now that is what I have. I love him and the breed to death, and I guess I will be Yorkie lover forever.

    Any of you decided to change breeds after a beloved pet passed?

  2. I've had poms, within the last few years from rescue so they were either elderly or terminal. After a few years, I found myself with no dogs. I wanted a small dog, but bigger than the smaller toys so I could take her on some hikes that were a bit challenging, when I saw a pic of a coton de tulear. Although I thought my preferance was pomeranians, since they were my dog of choice, I love my coton. I think I could adjust to any dog that I brought into the family. The biggest factor was a non-shedding dog that was low maintenance (although she needs to be groomed regularly) since we take care of my parents who need a hair and doggy smell-free environment. I was just asked if I'd take in a 3 lb chihuahua since he needs a home...yikes. Not sure if I'm ready for that and I've never experience that breed but who knows.
  3. I think my DH and I are probably partial to Keeshonds, but we love all of our dogs the same, not matter their parentage.

    Dogs with tons of fur seem to be the ones we gravitate towards and Keeshonds have a lot of fur!
  4. I am really not partial to any particular breed. I have had a ton of different pure breeds and also mutts. I always seem to just adopt my babies by weird circumstances. It just works out they are all under 20 lbs and short haired.

    My IG that just passed, I would get another one in a heartbeat if I was guaranteed to have the same temperament.
  5. I love all dogs and I could take in just about any breed, but out of choice, I am partial to poodles, I have 2 and love them, theyre smart, sweet, fun, dont shed, I could go on I guess I am a little partial :p
  6. YEP...there is only one breed for me..and thats a Sheltie:heart:. I've had Shelties since I was a young I guess I know of nothing else. I think I must have been one in a previous life;)
  7. Ummm, yes. I grew up with Boxers and one Bulldog. I'm an animal lover in general, but I am especially attracted to large dogs, and Boxers for our own dogs. They are very quirky and stubborn, so they aren't for everyone. We switched from getting boxer puppies to adopting senior age rescue Boxers. The one we have now is the youngest we've adopted-he was 2 when we got him.
  8. Love all dogs but have only had Dals
  9. I like all animals, but for little dogs, I love poms and poodles. For bigger dogs, I like shepards, American Eskimo, and boxers too.
  10. I particularly love big dogs (any breed)..not too fond of small dogs (no offense to small dog owners)..I also love cats...hopefully when I move out of my small apartment I will adopt another cat and a big dog.
  11. I have lived with labs, german shepard, english cocker spaniel and now my boston terrier.

    I love bostons so much! They are the best bread out there:woohoo:
    If I was to get a larger dog it would be an english cocker. My parents was sweet and dumb an amazing combination in a truly lovable pet. I miss that dude so much he really was a great dog.
    If I had the room( I don't like large dogs in town) it would be a lab a nice big english style in red or black. :love:
  12. Beagles!

    I just love them. They are definitely not for everybody, since they are hard to change and are totally pain-in-the-butts, but I just love my girls. I have two. I never thought I'd be a beagle lover, but Ginger came into my life unexpectedly and I became hooked. We adopted our second one almost two years ago. My boyfriend is also hooked and loves them to death.

    Anyhow, I've never met dogs that made me laugh harder than my two (and I've met a lot of dogs). Beagles have such a funny personality, so once you accept them for how they are, man, what a hoot! And they are also love to cuddle, aww.
  13. I had a Golden Retriver for 13 years and although I am not ready for another dog yet ( still have not gotten over losing my other dog ) , when I get another one I would only get a Golden Lab or Retriever , I like thier personalities and the puppies are just way too cute!
  14. I love all dogs and cats no matter what breed they are. All the dogs & cats my parents had when I was growing up have actually been mixed breeds. My Chi is the first purebred I've had.
  15. i agree... bostons are the best!!! i was so against getting a boston, i thought they were ugly. but now we have 2 whom i love and adore. i will never be w/o a boston. i also love springer spaniels, but the bostons rock!!! i'm not picky when it comes to cats.