Are you over protective of your bags?

Jan 3, 2006
Even though it is a pain in the tush, I place all the bags I am not using in their sleeper bags with soft scarves, t-shirts, etc. inside the bag to keep its shape. I only leave one bag at a time out, and make sure to keep it in a spot where the kids will not play with it or too close to a heat/sun source.

I have yet to even use my B-bag because I am paranoid of something happening to it (that and my husband noticing yet another new bag :worried: ).

Anyone else overly protective of their bags?
I store my bags pretty well, but I tend to be extra careful when I use my bag. I do a (sheepishly admitting :shame: ) evening inspection of the bag that I use to see if there are any scratches. And if there are, I go cry in a corner....just kidding. I just try to buff it or moisturize if I can. Crazy, right?
Becca4277, you are not alone. I also do the same. I wrapped my Chanel reissue in a large felt cover because of the chain and soft leather. When I took it out to show my SA who ordered it for me, I was quite embarrased b/c it was like I had wrapped it up so securely, it took forever to open it. And then one of the SA's was man handling it and I took it back from him:evil:
My four year old walks around yelling "DONT TOUCH LOUIE" I guess he hears me saying that alot! I was at the grocery store the other day and I had my Duomo sitting in the part of the cart where the baby sits and the stupid moron bagging kid put a bag on top of it! I swear I almost smacked him.
I'm protective as well. My bags are stuffed with old t-shirts and sit in their sleeper when I don't use them. I do let them air from time to time.I put leather spray on my paddy to protect from rain and my son is just allowed to touch with clean hands. I would love to get a little cupboard with a glass door for them so that I can admire them without taking them out.
I tend not to let other people touch my bags and I usually keep them on the chair/desk next to me. I just hate it when people try to look inside my bag or play with the zipper. It's like they think it's fake but don't want to come out and ask. Funny, though, if they actually asked I wouldn't care.
What do you use to condition your bags? I keep my bags in their sleeperand in their original box if it came with one. However, it becomes a space issue as the boxes take up so much more space.

Note, one of my Chanel's had a bit of a mark on it because the chain was pressing against the soft lambskin and created a small becareful with the hardware.
I'm waaaaay overprotective over my bags. My bags are stuffed with tissue and stored in their dustbags. They are laid on a clean blanket. I tie the handles of my bags so they don't rub together, get scratched and so they maintain their form. I sound so neurotic.:shame:
I don't lend my bags anymore. I did it once and never got my dustbag back to one of my favorite bags.
I'm very overprotective. But, I'm that way about my clothes too. If I'm going to be in a restaurant, I won't carry certain bags--suede, cloth, for example--unless I know I'm going to have a banquette to put the purse down on. And I never put them on the floor. I'm a little bit crazy, actually. I'm strange about my shoes too.
umm, yeah i guess... well sort of... i guess it really depends on what mood i'm in.... my friends who understand my bags are always like, "dont stick that on the floor!"
but all my bags live in their dust bags until i feel like using them. :smile: