Are you over Edith?

  1. Does anyone but me still carry theirs?? I was so exctied when i saw this-


    I guess there is one other person who still carries the Whiskey...
  2. I think its a great work bag, but for me, it never had a wow factor, just a practical factor, I see it as a good functional bag :smile:
  3. I still have the pocket Bowler on my wish list. Just waiting for it to go on sale... :yes:
  4. I just carried my Whiskey today! I love the Edith. I do think it is VERY important to get the one with the right leather. Without the scrumples and pebbled smooshy leather the Edith can look very plain and Frankenstein-y. :borg1:

    But if you get a gorgeous broken-in pebbly and scrumply Edith than you've achieved the look Chloe intended to have for it -- vintage chic! I get compliments on mine all the time. :wlae:
  5. If I had one, I would definitely carry it. :jammin:

    I tried to buy a jade Edith on sale for $600 something las month on, but someone got it before I did. :push:

    I think Edith is a classic style, even if it was a trend.
  6. I love my 2 Ediths....

  7. I love my Edith's - in fact I carried my two-pocket in whiskey today :love:
  8. I love the look of the Edith. I think it's very classic and elegant, and will probably never go out of style!
  9. I think it's a classic bag that will never go out of style but I didn't buy one for me!
  10. I just saw that pic today, and i'm ecstatic! i'm (hopefully) going to NYC next weekend, and I'm hoping that's going to be my "souvenir"!
    I've absolutely loved the Edith since it came out! I think it's going to be a classic....okay, I'll stop gushing now...
  11. I thought I was over my Edith...then I looked at it the other day and fell in love with it again. It really is a classic bag, and the structure makes it sophisticated enough to use it for work and job interviews etc, so it really fills a need for me.
  12. YAY! All the Edith love... Thanks guys :smile:
  13. I saw a beautiful Edith today in red. I don't have an Edith yet but it is next on my list.
  14. I was sooooo close to buying an Edith, my first Chloe purchase, but I found another bag that I like a teensy bit better. As a 'functional' type bag rather than a cute/trend/fashionable handbag, my finances can't justify two exxy 'functional' bags unfortunately...further down the track though...maybe :smile:
  15. I bought my large edith bowler on sale at NM!! I love it, but it is so large I could only use it for travel. Glad I nabbed it!:wlae: