Are you on the same boat?

  1. I put on 5-7 lbs since last winter and I am devastated. Am I the only one who put on weight here? I have to admit, I have been starting drinking a lot of hot chocolate this winter :sad:
  2. Helllllllllllllllllllllo winter weight!

    We all do it. You stay in, it's cold. You cuddle up with a book or movie instead of going to parks or outside. You tend to eat big hot plates of pasta instead of fresh summer salads with seasonal fruit.

    Of COURSE you gained weight. Instinctively we are animals, and fat is an insulator. So we will subconciously try to stay warmer! Only natural.

    Don't let it get you down. It's getting nicer out - go for some walks! Switch your hot chocolate to TEA, and enjoy a warm hot cup of that.

    You can do it. Noticing the change is the first step. The rest are easy - move more, eat a little less, and watch what you eat! The weight will come off quicker than last seasons boots!! :push: :smile:
  3. Weight gain? Check. Hot chocolate? Check! I gained about 5 pounds. I would like to lose that weight plus another few. I've lost a couple of pounds so far by eating healthier. I need to start exercising as well. Unfortunately, I am in a pedestrian unfriendly area so I will have to drive to a park to go for a walk. Bah!
  4. Yup me too! I gained 5 lbs after the holidays. On a 5'2" frame that doesn't translate all that great. Unfortunately, on me, extra weight goes straight to my FACE (hello, double-chin and chipmunk cheeks)...and to my belly and upper arms. Nasty.

    So far, I've lost 2 of those pounds. Now I need to lose "only" 3 more before my trip to Vegas in, oh, about 9 days. :rolleyes:
  5. Same here! I probably gained 5lbs or so during the holiday season, but I had been adding up all the past year as well. Right now my doctor said I am 40lbs overweight, but working on changing that!
  6. i'm a major winter weight gainer, i gained about 12 pounds. happens every year. i've lost some of that (take a look at my tracker!) and i'm working on losing the rest and then some.
  7. We ALL do it!!! hehe strength in numbers :yes:

    I used to do fitness competitions and I loved the winter - down time! Of course I had to drop the weight come nice weather... but if you don't let it overwhelm you, it's easier. I EXPECT and even allow myself a little weight gain in the cold months, and do fun cardio, like running with one of my big dogs when it gets warmer.

    We're essentially animals, not scales. We will always go up and down a little. A few pounds here and there is ok! Just MOVE more when you notice it, eat a little less, and you'll be fine, really. I've seen people do a looooot better when they just tighten up their eating plan, don't call it a "diet"! :smile:
  8. This is great, positive advice. Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. i look at it the same way, angelfish! my profession involves health and nutrition, and my own regime includes yoga and pilates. fortunately, my 5 lb. winter weight gain doesn't look as bad as it might, because of the type of excercise i do. not that i love it, but, i accept it with the reasoning much like yours. the warmer weather has brought me outside more, already, much to my dog's delight.
  10. 5 pounds sounds about right for me too! It's normal, don't worry about it. Once the weather warms up I bet you'll lose that weight pronto! Go enjoy the lovely weather! I plan on walking everywhere once the weather warms up!
  11. Thanks for the compliment! :yes:

    I had to adopt a healthy attitude towards weight and working out to do what I do. You'd be surprised how much calling a health plan a "diet" makes it harder to follow! Or easier to break, then get discouraged!

    I swear, going with the flow, eating a little less (as in half what's on the plate, taking a break to chat or breathe and enjoy a moment of rest, then seeing if you're even still hungry before continuing to eat) and NOT stressing a few pounds gets me there every time.

    I'm 5'9", and I could gain and lose 5 pounds with my period so I can't get too crazy with the scale anyway! LoL I only get on if my jeans are way tight or way loose for an "adjustment" to my eating plan.

    But you don't have to use a scale. Find a pair of jeans you like and use them as your "clothesometer" to know how to adjust your eating. It works!!

    NOTE: The clothesometer scale test is from Women's Fit for Life - I saw the author talk about the plan before I adopted it myself! The book's a GREAT read, check it out :heart: