Are you on " The List"?

  1. Since I just got off the phone with Daphne to secure my next season's purchases...I thought those of us who have put our names down could post what we've ordered. It will also help those who are still deciding!

    I have put my name down for:
    -Jaune First
    -Jaune Brief with Silver Giant Hardware

    I have to try on the Brief first to see if it suits me. I think it would look awesome in yellow with silver GH and I don't have any GH bags. If the Brief is a no-go, I'm totally getting it in a First!

    Who else is on the list:graucho: ?
  2. I've asked Kim to put me on the list for:

    Paprika/Rouille Make-Up Clutch
    Violet Coin Purse/Make-Up Clutch

    I've pre-ordered the Violet Step with hgbags, and a Brief...not sure in which color, yet! :yes:
  3. well, i HOPE i'm on the list for the plomb city with RH... we'll see what they say this morning - no one seems to be answering the phone!
  4. I am with Terry and she has me down for

    1. Jaune first
    2. Violet City Silver GH
    and ordered the Violet Step from Hgbags.
    Am going to start a poll to see who is on the list!
  5. :smile:
    Violet First and City, but I may alter that after my FB Matelasse arrives today!
  6. I ordered with Daphne yesterday. I'm on the list for
    ivory GH gold Hobo
    violet mu clutch
    plomb Day
    special ordering ocean blue Hobo with gold(BalNY is only getting it with silver)Were does HGbags work? I'm trying to get one of these bags from Neimans so I can put it on my NM card and use a gift cert. towards one.
  7. I am on for the violet rh city!
  8. Plomb GH Hobo
    Rouge City GH
    Mastic City
  9. Plomb silver GH hobo - going there weekend after this one so maybe more to come....:drool:

    Also are there two Terry's who work at BalNYC--the Terry who took my order sounded like they might have been a man?
  10. Violet twiggy
    Plomb city w/silver gh
  11. I'd love to get on a list at BalParis, but they aren't taking names. It's freaking me out and I don't want to miss out either.
  12. Just got a response from BalNY - I wanted a violet work, but apparently there are already 12 orders and only 6 coming!! :sad: I could cry...
  13. I'm on for a Jaune City RH, Rouge Silver GH Flat Clutch and Violet PT Silver GH.
  14. Violet Work
    Jaune Twiggy

    I called to confirm that I'm indeed on both lists. Yeeha!
  15. OMG, really? Maybe now's the time to start calling Barneys/Saks/NM across the country to get your name on their Violet Work lists too! Better safe than sorry.