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  1. What's
  2. It is a site that you can network based on your listening interests! It actually tracks the music that you play on Winamp, Windows Media Player or iTunes (you must download a plug-in) and feeds it into your profile. Others can see what you listen to on a regular basis, and the site recommends music to you based on your most listened to genres.
  3. interesting.. i've never heard of the site. good to know!
  4. ^^^Wow, george, what a variety. I have to bow in awe to someone who can get down with Queen and Nas in the same week. :smile:
  5. Thanks! My CD collection tends to confuse the hell out of everyone!
  6. I was. But I left. Great to see others on it, though.
  7. yeah I am slightly obsessed with their new album.. I saw them live in Dallas and they are AMAZING!
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    HERE :heart:

    Oooh, feel free to add me, ESPECIALLY if we have music in common, I love discovering new bands...