Are you on a ban? Come on in....

  1. Inspired by my own addiction and gucci_gal's suggestion....I am starting this thread. It's kind of like a support group for those of us on a ban. It could be a self-imposed ban...or maybe a hubby-imposed ban, etc. But nonetheless...we're bags, just drool!
    So c'mon in....whine and moan....count down the days....even talk abouit what you want really badly but can't have right now.

    I'll begin....I'm twiggers and I have a problem. I love LV. Starting after the release of the Groom collection I am on an imposed ban. It is a combo of DH & self-imposed. I have gotten out of control and need to stop for awhile.
    The first official date for me to make it to is my birthday...November 18. So that will be just under 2 months without a new LV.

  2. i think i may join you... i'll just peruse, not purchase. well, i'll try! :smile:
  3. Me too, aside from a planned purchase in November of a damier azur wallet. But then I will be done, and I love the bags and accessories I have already!

    I may even take a break from the PF as well, except for the MP, where I still have a couple things to sell :smile:
  4. Okay~ I think I am on a ban, but I have some items selling on ebay and if I have enough $ I am a going to buy a epi speedy or epi Dinard. I am debating on buying one right now that I want...but I don't have enough in paypal yet....descisions are the worst...hupffffff:crybaby: However~ after that I have to wait til January!:cursing:
  5. this time im really gonna draw the line..since july i have bought:

    1) damier speedy 25
    2) damier koala wallet
    3) damier 4 key holder
    4) damier card holder
    5) mini lin bucket
    6) MC wapity
    7) mini monogram mini noelie in cherry
    8) damier pochette ipanema

    i need to stop till at least the end of the year..i hope u guys will help me out here!! to think i've spent this much money given im still in grad school!!
  6. I'm putting myself on a ban too!! :crybaby:

    I'm going either tomorrow or Monday to buy the Mono Keepall 45 or 50 and then I'm not allowed to buy anything new for at least 6 months!! :hysteric:

    I've bought way too much in the last 3 months and I need to start spending my money on more practical things (like furniture for my new condo).
  7. Definitely on a ban.. damn, just in time for the Groom collection too ! :sad:

    Here's my September haul.. and now it's just going to be sitting on my hands indefinitely !
  8. I'm on a self-imposed ban, with a little guilt-help from the DH. I do plan on purchasing something from the Damier Azur line, and an MC speedy or noe, but that isn't until late this year/early next year.
  9. AYLA! I recognize that Coach demi! ;) Glad she went to a good home.
  10. Thank you once again ! :love:
  11. Yep, banned-bag-buyer here!! *waves hands* Banned till 2007.. well.. uh.. if a Mono Mizi pops up, I'm getting it :sweatdrop:.. lol. But after that, back to the banning:angel:!! My last 2 bags for this year just got in, I'll post pics later :graucho:.. but that's IT!!! (oh yeh.. the bf is getting me a bag for my Christmas present :love:, so that doesn't count, does it?? It won't be money from my pocket..) :lol: :roflmfao:
  12. OKay does this mean we can be on a ban on anything OTHER than our waitlist items (Groom, Mirior, Jack and Lucy) are in??!?!
  13. I am in!!!:nuts: Till the end of '06 at least!!!:graucho:
  14. I think I am in for now but I really think I should have something in groom..
  15. Okay ladies I have an idea- Have anyone of you watched the movie
    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?. Its a great movie- you can kind of adapt the same concept- One of you starts off with a very small LV piece to keep in your posession to help you with your ban- when you are feeling okay about it ... mail it to the other friend to help them so on and so on.
    Twiggers you can add more ideas to this.....