Are you obsessed with TPF?

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  1. You know you're spending too much time on TPF when you have a dream about your bf giving you a TPF credit card to get handbags, and when he says the card idea was discussed yesterday, you're confused in your dream as to how you could've missed that conversation.

    Alas, I had such a dream last night. :angel:

    When did you all realize you are spending too much time here?
  2. If you do a search, there are numerous threads on this topic:flowers:
  3. I am , I had another dream about handbag shopping and even made up my own bag in my dream after being on TPF before bed last night.
  4. I thought it must have been brought up, but I couldn't find anything in my searches. Thanks though! :smile:

    (if anyone can merge the post into one of the other ones, that's cool with me)
  5. YES:yes:
  6. well I can't go a day without checking it! If thats what you mean
  7. LOL I had a dream the other day I got banned.. but I was really upset because I was only 'Banned' and not 'Sofa King Banned' hahaha, weird.
  8. Omgosh yes! I'm constantly on!! Whether at work or home lol.
  9. this is like my next addiction after Facebook
  10. Totally!;)
  11. Just look at my post count... I think I am just a little obsessed
  12. Oh gosh.. for me its gotten to the point where I ask my BF to check tPF for me when my internet is down (it's been down in my dorm all week...I'm DYING.)
  13. I check TPF at least once day....
  14. I would call it an addiction ( I have several) - I have been a member since the inception and done my share of posting in those years. I have learned so much and my taste has evolved - I never thought I would own so many bags!!