Are you nice to your bags?

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What would your bags say about their living conditions?

  1. I am treated like a princess and look like I came out of LV

  2. She really tries but there is a couple of marks here and there...

  3. You can tell she uses me a lot and there are scary things at the bottom.....

  4. I need someone to come and rescue me(HELP)

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  1. I have a confession....Im not. I love and treasure them, but they go with me anywhere, regardless of weather and where I am going......and it shows. I see some of your Collections and I should probaby blush....because some of mine (especially my Neverful DA) has been LOVED........
  2. Would you mind posting a picture of your loved neverfull DA? I just got mine and don't plan to baby it as it will be my "go everywhere" summer tote.
  3. My bags are well used but not beaten.
  4. It depends haha! I have an errand bag that I can toss around. But when it comes to my special bags ( my LVs), I tend to be nicer to them ;)
  5. here she is! She has been my April through Spetember tote....diaper bag.....and I have Three small Children. She is about 5 years old and she has been EVERYWHERE......the beach, the park, the boat, diving trips, a million cross Atlantic airplane name it. She has carried bottles, toys, happy meals and eerything else under the sun (hence why the liner is not so pretty). She is supercomfy.....;)....although not as pretty as she once was!

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  6. I love all my bags dearly and I definitely use them but I think it is safe to say that I baby them! :yes:
  7. I don't baby my bags at all. I love them and I wear them rain, snow, sleet or hail!
  8. I baby them, but I wish I did not.
  9. I baby them:smile:

  10. Thank you for the pics!! Sounds like she is a trooper! Still looks beautiful :smile:
  11. Me too. :biggrin:
  12. i don't baby mine, but I have a few that only get used a couple of times a year (Roses speedy). my Bloomie is my workhorse, but most of my bags will go in light rain, sit on the floor (but not the bathroom floor) and get stuff on them. I figure, if I can't use them, why have them?
  13. But that's good! It shows you USE and enjoy them! I'm a little overprotective about mine. :nogood: to the point it stresses me out sometimes...
  14. My Delightful MM has been my EVERYTHING bag. She's been so good to me and I just love her. Now, my Odeon MM, I've been babying. I can't bear to see that new vachetta darken yet...haha!
  15. Yes. I generally take care of my things.