Are you meant to get a box with an LV bag purchase?

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  1. Just wondering because I see photos of people's lovely LV bags with LV boxes behind. When I got my first LV bag (an Trevi PM) I didn't get a box for it. I bought it from the LV store and It was just in a dustbag. :crybaby:I was so excited just to buy the bag I didn't think. Is this meant to happen?

    And also... what do you do with your boxes from your LV purchases? And what do you do with your LV paper bags? I saw some being sold on eBay!

    Luv ya all :smile:
  2. you can ask for it. the boxes serves as a storage for the bag. you an go back to the store and ask for the box.
  3. some said they did and didnt get boxes everytime. you may request for one if you want.
  4. I think you have to request a box now. They are trying to be more environmentally aware, so they provide one at the buyers request. I personally have not requested one as I wouldn't know what to do with it when I got it home anyway...but some people use them to store their bags in. I store my bags in the dust bag on the shelf, and most of the time keep the shopping bag stored away with the receipts and tags.
  5. For all of my purchases of bags, the SA will put it in the dustbag and then ask me if I want a box. The largest I have purchased so far is the Speedy 30, the others I have had or still have were Speedy 25s. For the Speedy 30, she brought out the largest box they had because she wanted me to have a box where I wouldn't have to fold it to store ... but it didn't work and I am not picky, so I said don't worry about the box. For all the smaller items I have purchased, I always get a box and they do not ask if I want it, they just put it in there for me.

    When I purchased at Saks once, the SA didn't give me a box for the bag, but I can usually squeeze them in to the dustbag without smooshing it too much. I save all the boxes for the smaller items, the color matches the shelf I store all my LV on.
  6. OMG.. Poor Trevi.. I can't help but giggle a bit.. Sorry..

    That's so mean, they should have put your Trevi in a box.. Did they put your purchase in the brown shopping bag or did you go out of the boutique carrying a dustbag?

    I hope they did put it in the brown shopping bag... As what these peeps above me have said, you can always ask for a box though..
  7. I have heard that one needs to ask for a box, as it is not always a given. Sometimes they have them and sometimes they do not.

    I also have read on the PF that storing your bags in the box is not a good idea because the bags need to breath.

    I use some of my boxes for jewelry and just fold and store the bags away, as I do not have a huge amount of LV items.
  8. 'They put the bag in the dust bag and then into a large shopping bag...Marc Jacobs does that also, unless you request a box. it isn't so bad...the bags survive just fine Bengt :smile: (you are soo cute)

  9. bengt
    they always put it in the shopping bag:P
  10. Really?! It's like I always see people here with photos of humongous brown boxes.. If I'd buy my first ever LV, i'd definitely tell my SA to put my bag in a dust bag then in a box (giftwrapped :supacool:), then in the shopping bag... Thanks for the tip baglover1973!!
  11. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for replying! :smile: Love yas all! Do you like it would be weird for me to go back and ask for a box? lol... what do I say?
  12. It's probably a sin but I throw those boxes out, it hurts a little to throw out those sturdy well made speedy boxes but I just don't use them! I store my bags sitting atop their dustbags.
  13. Yeah.. haha.. I've thought so too.. I feel so silly! Lol! :shame:
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    LMAO! Bengt! I did get a paper brown shopping bag! You make me laugh! ^^
  15. That's so good to hear! I'd freak out if they didn't! :shame: