Are you loyal to Louis?

  1. For the longest time, I thought I was. Even before I had the money to buy LV, I went to and Eluxury ALL THE TIME to look at their bags and I loved reading every single little thing about LV.

    But just recently I got something from Chanel and now I'm thinking that I might want to take a break from LV so I can focus on getting more Chanel stuff. I own bags from other designers too but it's never occurred to me to take a break from LV until now...

    I assume that since this is the LV section that most people here love their Louis more than any other brand - Prada, Gucci, Chanel or Hermes...what do you think? Am I cheating on Louis?
  2. :nuts: I was thinking the same thing not too long ago. I feel this way (being disloyal to vuitton) when I'm buying less expensive designer brands. I kind of feel like I should save that $ towards a vuitton. I don't feel this way when I'm saving for my chanel purse though - b/c it's my dream bag! :yes:
  3. in my opinion there's no such thing as being 'loyal' to a certain designer. i love Louis Vuitton, but i have bags from Dior, Burberry, Gucci, Fendi, Chloe and Prada too, simply because i happened to fall in love with them. if we were to stay 'loyal' to Louis Vuitton and see all the other beautiful bags by other designers pass us by, we'd be rather miserable, i should think
  4. I started off with kate spade then got into Coach and LV at the same time. kate spade will always be my favorite. Maybe cause it's my first? So no, I'm not loyal to LV. I'd love to have more LV eventually though!
  5. LV is def. my fave, followed by Chanel. Since I work parttime at Coach, I have been known to carry some Coach bags as well, but usually only the leather bags:smile:

    I think that you should just buy what you love, whether it be LV, Gucci, etc.....
  6. :upsidedown: I am never loyal! to bags that is.
  7. No, you are not cheating on Louis at all. I think it's perfectly normal, as well as being a good thing to be able to appreciate beauty and quality in other bags, whether it's designer or not. :smile:
  8. Not every bag I own is LV, and I'm perfectly fine about that!
  9. "Love the bag you're with", that's my motto. A bag doesn't have to be LV to be cute ......but it helps :smile:.
  10. Thanks gals!!! But then, why do I feel so guilty? LOL!!!!!!
  11. Not at all, after all variety is the spice of life ;) I started off with Gucci while still in high school, and my 'favorite' has switched around through the years.

    I do try to treat my bag purchases, just like you would couture clothes...if I buy this piece what else will go with it.

    And although some might think it's wrong to mix designers, I do and love it!

    Hermes purest, overt your eyes...I use my yellow hermes wallet with my white coach tote (ok, diaper bag..but I love it as a tote) because it matches the bee appliques perfectly!

    I love mixing it up like that, taking a bag you might see all the time and making it my own.
  12. I'm not loyal to LV. If I seen a beautiful purse - and can't live without it, then I take it home lol.

    But LV purses are not that easy for me to just take home. But I love LV purses!!! For a year, I kept checking out also. And wasn't sure what I wanted to save money for. And since April 2006, I knew I was going to be in Edmonton in August. And I began to save then and really committed myself to save here and there. And knowing that I would actually have a LV purse made me feel excited to save lol. And now that I have a LV purse - and how I can keep saving for 4 - 5 months - I'll be able to treat myself again. So - I know in time my collection of LV will grow. For my next bag it might be a MC Black Petit Noe. Or a MC Black Alma. or a MC Black mini HL.

    I have a lot of purses - some were bought at regular price, and some were on sale. And for me purses are so personal - and reflect what we like as individuals.
  13. i just love bags in general, just so happen to have a larger collection of LV. you just gotta love what you buy!:P
  14. I have bags from many other lines, yes, including Chanel and Dior, Coach, D&B, Juicy and other random designers/brands but I find myself carrying LV more.
    I love Chanel but for me, I have all the colors of bags I need in Chanel and they don't keep coming out with new stuff I like as much as LV does. It's kind of hit or miss for me. I do enjoy their limited lines like the Valentine's one from this year.
    But anyway, I do have a lot of other bags but I find myself alternating LV bags more than any others I have.
  15. it's definetly ok :P
    now me too focusing on other bags like balenciaga & chloe. :P