Are you Loyal to Louis?

  1. I was just wondering if most in this forum are loyal Louis carriers? Do you only carry LV bags or do your also carry other bags/accessories?
    I love LV but there are other bags I love as well. I really like the Chloe Paddington and would like to get one. I also like some of Coach's items. Heck I even think Betsy Johnson makes some cute and fun bags and Kate Spade too.

    My husband thinks Hermes bags are great looking for women. At least he thought so until I filled him in on how much they cost...;).

    Just wondering....
  2. LV I love , But I love Chanel and Dior too:love:
  3. Right now.....I'm all Louis!! :lol:
  4. i have mostly LV, but right now I am in LOVE with Balenciaga
  5. Complete Louis Fanatic.
  6. i love my louis but i have recently also fallen for hermes and chanel. plus i already have fendi, marc jacobs, coach, kate spade etc.
  7. I would never only carry just one designer. I mostly have LV. but my other loves include dior, balenciaga, fendi and gucci.
  8. LV all the time except for university :yes:
  9. I am all lous vuitton right.
  10. I used to have Coach and Marc Jacobs, but since buying my first LV 3 years ago, I have never looked back. I won't carry anything else (at least not at this time).
  11. I have about the same number of pieces from LV and Marc Jacobs. I also have one Chloe Paddington and one satchel from Mui Mui. My overall favorite label, though, is LV!
  12. How could you guys just stick with one designer? There are so many wonderful and talented designers out there with outstanding creations.
  13. My collection is mostly LV, but I do have a Balenciaga and Burberry as well.
  14. Mostly LV, but I'm also looking to branch out a little. I just happen to like LV's styles the most.
  15. I'm only loyal to LV.