Are You Lopsided?

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  1. How many of you are lopsided? Sometimes I think I'm the biggest weirdo because my right foot is 1/2 size larger than the left. Closed toe shoe shopping is a nightmare. One time I got so frustrated I bought the same pair in two different sized so I could own ONE perfect fitting pair of pumps. :hysteric:

    Then there is my left breast that is larger than the right. Oh brother, does that make bra shopping fun! :yucky:

    My left hand ring sizes used to be smaller than the right, but when I took up the violin 12 years ago, that built up the muscles in my hands and created another quirk: I've now got these wicked biceps and shoulder muscles but it makes finding fitted shirts a pain!

    Fess up, guys and dolls! Who else has a lopsided bod?
  2. My left thigh is slightly larger than my right, so if I wear a pair of fitted pants, I can tell that the pants are tighter on the left side. There's not a visual difference, but I can tell.
  3. my left boob is definitely bigger. not a whole cup size or anything but it's obvious to me when i look at them :lol: but the fingers on my right hand are bigger, i guess because i use them a bit more, but not so much right now because i hardly ever write by hand anymore.
  4. My right hip bone juts out more, and my right boob is bigger. I'm totally skewed to the right! (except for my left foot, which is wider)
  5. My left boob is smaller so I had them fixed (qualified as a medical defect since it was 'significantly' smaller-- according to the dr, although I liked to think that it was just like half a size smaller). After the surgery, it is STILL a little smaller. I just can't win!

    My right foot is bigger too.
  6. I'm sooo lopsided. Let's see ...

    - My right hand is very slightly bigger than my left
    - My right foot is bigger than my left
    - My left leg is longer than my right
    - My left breast is bigger than my right
    - Side side of my face is bigger than my left

  7. Lol, I'm lopsided. I think it is pretty common. Fingers, shoes, boobs :smile:
    The bras sometimes it can be rough, but there are certain brands that work better for me than others it isn't like a full cupsize or anything, and probably just noticeable to me! And hte shoes, sometimes that really sucks because depending on the cut I can't buy a pair at the right size and Nordstrom will only sell you two different pairs if it is a full size difference and I'm just a half size usually.
  8. I'm also lopsided :smile:

    My left breast is bigger than my right (maybe about 1/2 of a cup size?). Just enough to make the top of my boob bulge out if I don't position it right in the bra. Hmfph.

    My left foot is also a little bit fatter. Not bigger, just wider :sad: Which stinks because when shoes are on sale, they usually only put out the right shoe...Which doesn't help since my left foot is the fattest!
  9. I am lopsided too!
    My right breast is larger than the left.
    My right leg is longer than the left.
  10. Usually, it's not an issue, but the shoe thing can be a problem. Most everything on my right side is bigger. The fingers really make it hard to wear a ring on either hand.

    Sort of on topic, but I've seen photos where they split the image down the middle and duplicate just one half of a face and it's amazing how different we are, even attractive celebrities. The most symmetrical faces are considered by "experts"(whoever they are) to be most attractive. The only one I can recall is Denzel Washington--his face is extremely symmetrical.
  11. Funny you mention this! That was part of why I posted this. Well, that and the fact that I had just put my bra on and it was gaping at the top of my right "girl".:hysteric:
  12. Prada Psycho, you crack me up! LOL
  13. hehehe...right foot is a little bigger and right booby is too. :shame:
  14. Left foot is bigger, right boob
  15. Oh hell yeah! My left foot is wider that the right, my left hand wears smaller ring sizes that the right and my left boob is bigger than the right...I'm all discombobulated (is that a word?)...which only goes to show you that God really is a man, a woman wouldnt have done that to us!:nuts: