Are you Looking forward to the 2010 Holiday Lockheart line?

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  1. i agree the Corset Chaya is a big girl for sure, would love to have it regardless how big she is, :graucho:

    oooh you have the corset angelina, damn, i bet that is very oooh la lah :P

    the truth is i want them all....all i say!

    but that isnt going to happen so to pick just one is very hard

    and so so so so wish they were on sale, its hard finding their bags, but to find them on sale is a miracle

    i wish we could see the inside , side and backviews of theirs bags on their website and MRSP

    i wonder if they changed the linings if its dots, flowers , stripes ??

    well i hope to get one , not sure which one, or just get something from their fall line up

    i do love that Valentina Bow Peep, it looks so yummy in brown:graucho:
  2. Loving the Pretzel, Corset and Pinwheel...:love:
  3. I'm not familiar with Lockheart and clicked on the thread out of curiosity, and almost wish I hadn't. Because now I need this in my life. So. Adorable.
  4. I'm glad someone else got the pics up. The DH is working on the computer now, but it doesn't look like he'll be done anytime soon.

    I want that Pretzel bag in blue. We'll see - I probably don't need another blue bag and I'm not sure I want to spend the money.
  5. I'm always looking forward to the new Lockheart collection!! LOVE LOVE LOVE their bags!
  6. OMG this is the most adorable bag ever!!!I have to have it!
  7. Love all these! :yahoo: Looks like a great Lockheart season.

    Peggle - gorgeous Lockheart in your avatar! What's she like?
  8. OMG, she is truly awesome and light wieght, i love the wide strap

    all the pockets inside and out, OMG, she is so divine

    she is called Malia

    I Love this bag:biggrin:
  9. The new line is up on the Lockheart website!! :party:

  10. i am so drooling over so many of them, so hard to pick just one

    Fabae do you have a favorite?:biggrin:
  11. I like the Pretzel (Gabrielle?) in blue and the taupe Cadence. However, I have to say that this season I find myself rather put off by the trouble of finding these bags. It seems like fewer and fewer are available at Saks, Nordstrom, etc. and it's - frankly - a PITA to call small boutiques all over the country tracking down a bag. We'll see how I feel about it later, but as of now - I don't know if I'm going to bother. Especially when I e-mail Lockheart and they seem to not want to tell me how much the bags cost. I'm not going to go calling these places and asking a bunch of questions only to discover that it's more than I want to pay. (I'm also partially [un?]motivated by the fact that, in an effort to save money, I've been talking myself out of everything.)

  12. I agree fabae - these bags are just too hard to find.