Are you Looking forward to the 2010 Holiday Lockheart line?

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  1. I am curious to see if anyone was looking forward to the Holiday Line from Lockheart

    and if anyone knew of any dates that it would come out

    also, what would you like to see Lockheart do for you ie.. colors, style, lace, hardware, and so on

    is there any old style you would like to see them bring back with a new twist:smile:?
  2. well

    i hope their 2010 Holiday line as some Reds and would love to see some walnut/whiskey colors , maybe some contrasting colors and lots of creative twist and turns , love how they manipulate the leathers,,,,,,,,,,love love their wide straps
  3. Ooooh, I wonder when they'll have pictures up online?
  4. Does anyone know a good place besides BBOS to sell a Lockheart bag? I have the yellow basketweave Shiloh but I never know if they're popular enough to get a fair price, any tips would be soooo appreciated!
  5. They come up on ebay, and I have seen them go for a good price. I guess it just depends on the bag.

    I got the holiday 2010 catalog in the mail yesterday. Gorgeous bags in there. Looks like I might have to hunt for a Lockheart this season....
  6. I am! I just started saving for my first designer bag and have already decided it will be a Lockheart. I just love them all.
  7. I'm excited to see them, though I don't keep up with collections. I hope someone will post something here when they do come out.
  8. Yes, I can't wait to see what they come out with! I would love to see a nice wine/burgundy color for the holidays. Perhaps a wine and walnut combo would be spectacular.


  9. I'm so excited to see what they came out with!!! I hope I get the holiday catalog soon as I see they haven't posted pics on the website yet.

    I purchased my first Lockheart in Las Vegas a few weeks ago (Angelina in ruby) and I absolutely adore her!!! She's the perfect brown bag I've been searching for!!!
  10. fabae - any chance you could take some pics of your catalog and share? :smile:

  11. oh oh oh

    cant wait to see the new stuff

    i am so excited, yahoooooo
  12. i second that request :biggrin:
  13. Ditto!!! :P
  14. me too! :nuts:
  15. All righty. I'll go do that. Back in a bit.