Are you looking for the Plomb SGH Day?

  1. Hi Ladies if you are looking for a Plomb SGH Day i returned the one that i had gotten from BalNY back to Kim. You can call her and ask for her. It was the only one they had left and i hope it is still available. I returened on Friday and she got it on Monday. Good luck!:heart:
    Here is my thread with pics.:smile:
  2. Aww! Why?
  3. I think i want one with RH.:yes: I am kind of missing the RH these days. :sad:I have my Giant Sandstone Work and i think that is good enough for right now.:tup: If i ever decide to get another GH it will be in the PT or Work style.:smile:
  4. ^I get it, I only have one (S)GH (plomb) and that's enough for now.