Are you looking for a Foresta bag..its here

  1. I was at West Pavillion Nordstrom and I saw a Foresta bella at 68. It has water scene in the front, catcus is cut off though. The back is water scene too. Great price too, if you are looking, its there still!!
  2. Kokebon: ooohhh..I would love to get it ! But I already had 3 bags in Foresta...
  3. Did it have any monkeys?
  4. Wow ... Foresta bags are still available in stores ... how amazing to hear that .. could be a return or something .. how long ago was the Foresta out anyway?
  5. no, face got cut off, just lots of water scene
  6. i believe it was october of last year.
  7. aw..its a faceless monkey :lol:
  8. OMG for $68?! hmm mostly water scene on front and back .. sounds just like mine .. lol :lol:
  9. I wish I had gotten a campeggio when I had the chance...
  10. yeah i wish i had grabbed every style in foresta. augh...i didnt know much about tokidoki back then. the only reason i had gotten foresta campeggio in the first place was cuz the monkies were waving at me and i knew i had to get it. haha...

    I didnt even know i had great print placement, sandy was on the side too!!

    augh....but luckily this year, I added two more pieces of foresta in my collection, hopefully a zucca soon from japan. still waiting for its arrival!!:yahoo:
  11. you can never have too much forestas :graucho:
  12. oooh kokebon ... foresta zucca from japan? Can't wait to see pics!!! :biggrin: