Are you living @ Japan ?

  1. Hi all,

    I am so desperate to hunt for reissues right now, that I was wondering whether tPFers are living in Japan and could tell me whether they have any reissues left.

  2. there are still some re-issues, i saw a lot in HKG 2nd hand shops, silver, black, darksilver ...
  3. sorry, pink piano... i think i didnt answerr your question, but do you have anything in particular that you like? maybe some Tpfers can help...
  4. i would like a brand new black/gold/silver reissue :smile:
  5. not allowed, please reread our rules.
  6. i will know by next week, i'll be going to Japan. But i might not be able to msg you until i'm back.
  7. Just to let you know im in Japan at the moment. They still have the metallic black reissues in different sizes, large silver reissue, bronze reissue not sure what size.
  8. Do you by any chance knows the prices in Tokyo? And may I know which store did you go to? TIA
  9. I didnt check the prices for reissues. The classic flap is about 300000yen so i think the reissue will be more.
    I saw them at Chanel Hilton Osaka,and Takashimya and Daimaru Shinsaibashi.
  10. Thanks for the information! I was hoping that you saw them in Tokyo as my friend is staying in Tokyo. I have no contacts in Osaka:sad:. Well, maybe I will try my luck with the boutiques in Tokyo, they might have some left. Thanks again.
  11. No worries i think Tokyo would most likely have more stock....they certainly have more stores that carry Chanel than Osaka.

  12. Meow: Would you still like to check the availability of the Reissue in Tokyo? I'll go there next week, I can check it for you if you're still interested. However, according to my experience, due to the ex-change rate, Chanel in Japan is much more expensive than other countries.
  13. Btw, i also wuld like to know abt the reissue in Japan. I'm lookin for the 2005 anniversary grey reissue in size 226 or 227. Not sure if i can find one there. Also, do you know how much will that be? Pls help japan pfers....appreciate it!
  14. I didn't see any grey reissues in Osaka 3 weeks ago. I did see alot of metallic black reissues.
  15. Thanks for the the grey reissue (is actually past season for yr 2005) which i don't think is available in any chanel stores. Jus wondering if anyone seen one in any of the second hand shop....sigh:flowers: