Are you like me, drooling on and buying high heels pumps but only wearing flats ?

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  1. Whenever I enter a shoe shop, my eyes just go for the piece of art with a high heel, so beautiful and feminine !! Even when shopping online !!
    I have a few pairs, and some I have NEVER even worn !!
    Why ? because I don´t feel comfortable and confident. I feel unstable, can only walk a few meters, feel overdressed, it brings too much attention to I go around in ballerina flats.

    Anyone else feels the same ??
    And you Ladies who wear fab CL or other pumps, how do you manage ?
    (and where, how often, how about practicality ?)
  2. i used to be like this but i have made it a point to wear my heels, and to sell them if i don't!
  3. I find myself wearing flats probably more than my heels but thats because most of the time that I go out, its to go shopping or run errands, etc. and heels would be too much. However, whenever I go to the office or out to dinner, movies, etc. I always wear my heels. Unfortunately all of those instances are only about once a week events, so my heels dont get as much love as I would like them to, but I just try to look at it as I'm not putting as much wear and tear on them and they will last longer. :smile:
  4. Yes!! I commute in comfy shoes. I keep my heels at work in a cabinet and that's all I wear in the office. On the weekends I am in cute flats or sandals... I just love being comfortable.
  5. I used to ONLY wear heels (the higher the better), all day -every day for close to 20 yrs (retail). I still buy them, but now only wear them when we go out and I know I won't be standing for a long time.
    Guess I'll be like my great-aunt, she's 90 yrs old, hunched over with osteoporosis, and STILL wears her heels!
  6. I could have written your post! I need to wear my fancy heels more often.
  7. I could have written this post too!!

    Lately, I have made a point of wearing them more ofter.. and to get more comfortable in them, I practice walking in them for long stretches on my treadmil. I am always in flats or boots. I can handle a heel in boots no problem. I think it's the non-ankle support that makes me so wobbly and looking lame!

  8. Same here. This summer I decided I would only wear fab shoes, ALL the time. My wedges because "casual" and I wear heels whenever I go out to the movies or shopping.
    I also made the effort to ONLY buy heels that are comfy because some just aren't, but a lot are, and you could literally wear them all day long running around.
    When I get a new pair I push myself into wearing them all the time so my feet will mould to the shoe, and also so I get attached to them and not just shove them in the back of the closet and forget about them. This helps a lot.
  9. I used to be like that, and still am sometimes ( i spend most of my time in flats on weekends or when out and about with my son). At one stage i actually made a conscious effort to wear most of my shoes before i added more pairs to my collection, as a result I got confident enough to walk in 2" to 3" heels, higher than that is still a struggle. But i do try to stick to shoes that give the full feet support and stay clear of those that have a tendency to put all of my weight on the balls of my feet and even then i sometimes i still buy shoes that i know I'm hardly going to wear just because they're so pretty :s
  10. I am totally like this! The heels that I do actually wear are my kitten heels. I have a whole closet full of lonely abandoned high heels! lol
  11. I am like you! :smile:
    The problem is that I have to walk a lot during the day (home-train station etc) and so I can't wear uncomfortable shoes!!
  12. ^same here, but then in the UK and US, I have seen a lot of women in the subway wearing "commuting" shoes...comfortable shoes they just pack in their bag when arriving to work, and what a good idea !! how come I never thought of that. Although I do it to go out in Clubs (flip flops in the clutch bag).

    Other thing I forgot to mention : the BLISTERS, I must have a super sensitive skin or pops out everywhere it can, each shoe type a different blister...aaargh.
    Tomorrow I am wearing my heels to go to the museum, let´s see how the feet behave.

    Other than pure pratical comfort I also tend to feel overdressed if I wear heels on a normal day......
    and of course not that confident as I haven´t completely mastered my balance and had a terribly embarrassing moment in public a couple of years know when you have a sexy mini dress, shampoo commercial hair, smokey eyes, sexy heels, you´re the bomb, everyone is watching and then.....
  13. Well yesterday I managed to nick the heel on a pair of louboutins on the subway stairs, so wearing flats is way more practical. But who wants to carry a pair of heels in their bag? Also, the brick walkway to the door of my workplace is old and provides too many opportunities for my shoes to fall through the cracks.

    It's funny but I tend to wear my heels more in the winter because I wear snowboots on my way to work and then change into them once I'm in my office.
  14. I'm totally like this too ! I usually wear my flats in the parking lot (because I'm also afraid of falling!) and then heels in the office.

    My friend who was in South Korea for teaching, said that she saw a lot of ladies that did it the opposite way - heels would be worn outdoors, but inside in offices, the slippers would come out and the heels would come off !
  15. ^I do that sometimes when I go in to work and I'm usually in heels. I have a pair of flats inside the classroom and if I feel like being in flats for a bit of the day instead of heels, I'll just change into them. One of my colleagues actually have a pair of plastic slippers that she switches into sometimes too!