Are you left or right brained? Try this, it's cool!!!

  1. I'm right brained too. I also couldn't get her to spin the other direction. This was pretty neat!
  2. holy Sh*tballs!! i was bale to see it both ways! i do not know how i did that! i'm freaked out, i would stare @ her she is turning clockwise then, i don't know something would happen and i see her counterclockwise. WOW!!:wtf:
  3. same here! one minute she's turning counterclockwise and then I'll read the info on the left and look at her again and shes turning clockwise!
  4. i can see her spinning clockwise and counter clockwise.... my husband can too.... so i know i am not crazy
  5. So interesting. She is moving in both directions for me too!!
  6. It's an optical illusion. After a while, you can get her to switch directions at will.
  7. I see her counter clockwise
  8. I feel bad caz I can't see her dancing counter clockwise....I guess I am strictly right-brained? THis is cool though!
  9. I got her to spin the other way:wlae: but it only lasted a second and now I can't get it....aack this is going to drive me nuts! Okay I'm going to accept that I'm more right-brained.
  10. Argh!!!! I can't do it! I'm gonna be up all night trying!
  11. I see her clockwise and I really am unable to see her moving counter-clockwise. I'm not going to stare longer because I'm getting freaking dizzy.
  12. omg first i could only c her going clockwise and i thought i was left brained then suddenly without me thinking abt it she started going clockwise and now she changes every few seconds creepy. I thought they set it up like that as a joke. Scared me.
  13. i got her to spin both ways.. so weird!! but initially it was clockwise first
  14. Its so weird I see it both ways but I don't know if its a trick or I am actually doing it. Because it just randomly switches.