Are you ladies SURE Kate's bag is Prada???

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  1. The only reason I'm doubting is because I usually don't like Prada bags, haven't seen this one in Prada, and I ADORE this bag.:wacko:

    And who is that dude she's with?? *LOL*

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  2. Really. . .that's Prada?
  3. Someone PULEEZE figure this out because it's driving me crazy..... ;)
  4. Believe me !! its definitely Prada, ive almost bought this bag in olive
  5. I think I found it! Here's one pic in white to show the snap pocket and the others in tan.


    pradatan.jpg pradatan1.jpg
  6. That dude looks like a drug addict!!! hahaha.........
  7. AGAIN!!!


    She's been wearing this bag for 2 weeks straight.

  8. freetoes, where did you find the photo of the white bag? it does look just like that, but I think it was Jill in another thread who said Kate's *definitely* wasn't Prada.
  9. You might ask Jill...she knows her Prada.
  10. The bag is from Prada. I saw it @ Orlando NM earlier this month. It's very cute.
  11. The new Prada washed leather collection is awesome - it is the first Prada collection in a long time that I love - I wish my Neimans was carrying these bags - but, they are only offering them through the look-book. :sad:
  12. god! a prada to finally love!
    now...we must find out the style name....
  13. Anyone find the bag online? It is absolutely divine!
  14. Seriously Megs... forget Katie Holmes we need Sherlock Holmes.