Are You Kidding Me?

  1. And it's a seller with only 2 feedback... they have no basis for anyone being able to trust them to pay that much even if they're dying for the bag.
  2. Oh my freaking gosh. Hell no. I say get a 2nd gen OP lolz.
  3. haha....way overpriced. i'd pay that price for a foresta zucca.
  4. I wouldn't even pay it for a Foresta Zucca lol...I am not spending over $200 for any bag, not even a trenino lolz.
  5. And that "2" is as a buyer. They have "0" feedback as a seller. Though technically with Paypal you're covered, but wow that price is just ridiculous for an OP mamma mia.
  6. I have a story about this bag.

    It was listed before probably about a month and a half - 2 months ago, and I asked the seller if they would do a BIN, and they said they would for $250 plus shipping, and I said how about $250 shipped and they agreed. Well, I put a bid on it, thinking they would end the auction early and adjust the price but they never did. When I asked them why they said they had so many questions and so many watchers that they were going to let the auction run it's course, and also because I had already bid on it, they said they couldn't end the auction (not true). So I ended up bidding on it, I think I went up to $261 (i know, I know, crazy, but I wanted it), ended up getting out bid so I let it go.

    About 2 weeks ago, that seller sent me a second chance offer, saying they were able to 'find' another of the same bag, so if I still wanted it it was mine for $261 plus $20 shipping. I told them, no because I had managed to find another OP MM on eBay that I got for $200 shipped. *shrugs*
  7. oh wow Lisa .. I can't believe the seller agreed to do a BIN and then went back on it. I'm glad you got one cheaper tho!! Good for you!! haha :biggrin:
  8. Yikes..but yeah i'm glad you got a better deal. Whoaaaa.
  9. Wow, that sucks! Lisa182 I'm glad you were able to get your bag. I hate that sellers who don't even really appreciate the artwork take advantage of those that do. I paid a hefty price for a Citta Mamma Mia with perfect print placement (pink-haired biker chick centered on the front)...but I did have to pray about it before I hit the BIN! :sweatdrop:

  10. they probably had someone bidding against you to try and sell it for more $$..people are such scammers