Are you keeping certain Chanel bags just because of the colour?


Jul 2, 2006
I should let go of afew of my Chanel bags but having lots of problems letting go of one particular bag just because of the colour, I love it, have only used it once and know I won't be able to get another one like it.

The design of the bag is not even that disimilar to my other Chanel flaps, so that can't be an excuse to hang onto it either.

Do you have bags in your collection that look 50% similar to your flaps that you are hanging onto just because of the colour?


May 1, 2006
ooh great question, I often look at your signature list and think you have just the most rounded collection, full of wanted colours, but equally a colour for every occasion so it would be very hard for you to let any go!

I myself went back to basics and sold bags that I just wasnt using, including a bordeaux colour which I adored, so I would say no that I personally do not keep a bag for the colour, but I think its because Chanel bags have got abit too expensive to be able to be sentimental with them!
Saying that, if I found a pink or 06 purple, I would have a very very hard time passing them on, whatever the style!


Jan 5, 2006
I have to admit that I do keep some chanel bags because of the color even though they don't get used as often as they should. But I agree with bagmad73 that if something came along that I just had to have, I would probably let go of another bag. Chanel makes it difficult because so many of their colors are seasonal and once those colors are gone...their gone forever.


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
yes! i dont use my medallion tote hardly but its gorgeous pink caviar makes it soooo hard to even think about letting it is my favorite color

same thing for my vintagey-denim blue distressed calfskin Cotton Club tote

I mean, I could get rid of both of them and get the Portobello which I love, but thats just a black bag! kwim? ....:confused1::wlae:


Hermes Here I Come
Mar 16, 2008
About 6 months ago, I started selling all my Chanel bags that I dont use. I went into collecting all colors possible instead. I remember when I first started on this forum as a rookie, I was more of a caviar and jumbo gal.

I have since started collecting different colors of medium flaps. Do I use medium flaps? Not very often. For months, I have only used my baby cabas for weekends and a black Caviar Jumbo for work.

I have owned the fushia, baby blue, peach, coral (sold it to a friend and bought it back!), purple, lipstick red and dark red medium flaps for months now and I have probably used them ONCE! I am just happy looking at them, it calms me down (hey, whatever works best to relieve stress! lol)

So to answer the question of your thread, YES, I keep my Chanels for the colors (and chains!)


May 11, 2006
I have so many Chanel classic flaps that color definitely has to come into play at some time. However, the classic flap design itself really works well for me so its all good! My goal is to have at least one of every color available! What Im missing Chanelwise, I have in other designers. Im just missing a brown bag and a yellow bag. :smile: