Are you keeping any balance on paypal?

  1. I recently sold some items, so I have a balance on my paypal account. Now I am considering purchase a very value item from eBay, but I am wondering if I should use the paypal balance to pay for the item, or withdraw the money from paypal, but use credit card to pay for the item. I read lots of story of paypal is not protecting buyer when receive a fake item, but by using credit card through paypal, the credit card company can do a "chargeback" to paypal if the item indeed turns out not be as described.

    As a buyer, what should I do? If I do receive a fake item, how do I do chargeback from my credit card?

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. Absolutely do NOT pay for an expensive item with your paypal balance. If something goes wrong and paypal does not side with you, you have no recourse and you'll be out the money.

    The only way to buy any item on eBay is with a credit card -- and not a debit card; they do not offer the same protection.

    If you get a fake, you file a claim with paypal. If you don't get all your money back, then file a chargeback with your credit card company. I've found that Amex is the best for this type of thing.
  3. I will make smaller purchases with the money in my paypal account, but I always use a credit card for larger purchases.

  4. I definitely agree with lorihmatthews. ALWAYS pay by CREDIT CARDS and withdrawal money out of your paypal account to your personal bank account immediately. There are way too many scams out there.
  5. Not just no, but HELL NO!! :p

    Seriously, no way you should pay with your account balance. Withdraw the money, then use a credit card to pay for anything you buy.
  6. Nope, I don't.
  7. I keep a balance on Paypal because I lose a ton of money on the exchange into a Canadian bank if I don't...
    But I agree with the comments about a large purchase. Payapl will make you draw the funds from your balance first before allowing you to pay by CC, so if you're planning a big purchase, I would withdraw as well, esp. since you're American.
  8. Never, ever, EVER! I've been burnt before - not a good way to learn that lesson.
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I will do as all of you suggested.Thanks again.
  10. i always empty my account...:tup:
  11. I always keep something in there too.

    But I agree with everyone about using a cc for a large purchase!
  12. This may be a dumb question, but if I have no paypal balance they take the money off directly from my bank account. How can I pay with a credit card then? I do have one on file (wich is from my checking account also) I'm I the same way protected?
  13. You aren't protected if the credit card is attached to your checking account. That's the same setup as a debit card. The credit card must be independent of your checking account. You'll have to add another credit card to your paypal account.
  14. Go to your profile in Paypal and select add - edit Credit Card.
  15. i actually keep it. its how my mom doesnt find out how much whatever i buy costs me! i just tell her: it was like $100 for a $1000 bag!! lololol!!! :] (i get the money from things i sell.)

    but yeah, i always feel safer with my Ccard