Are you in waiting list for upcoming 2006 line??

  1. I went to LV store this morning to get my PTI heatstamp, but I saw some missing threads near the CC area plus my snap is little bit loose. I put it for repair , it will take about 4-6 weeks for that minor repair :blink: .
    While I was there, I put myself on the waiting list for Groom line and mirroir speedy line .I am not sure yet about Mirroir line because I think it's too flashy but oh well ..

    I tried on hudson pm and tikal gm. I like Hudson PM better but my SA suggested me to get suhali Le Talentueux. I love it but I have to think about it...think harder:graucho:

    By the way, May be we will have another price hike this year that what my SA told me...:mad: Arrgghh......

    Have you put yourself in waiting list??

    What is it ??
  2. I'm not on a wating list for anything. I'm going to wait until you great girls get stuff and make a decision then. Plus I like to see things in person. I can't tell what things look like in the runway pics.
  3. i took myself off the list for the mirior speedy.

    really does not suit me.
  4. I'm on the list for the mirror speedy in silver. I figure if I'm not wild about it IRL, then I will just get something else..I just want to make sure I don't miss out.
  5. I AM ON THE LIST FOR THE HOT MIRROR SPEEDY IN SILVER. ( ONLY 30, not 25)... i can't wait to get one soon!
  6. Miroir speedy
  7. gosh..I put my name on the list for..gulp...6 spent like 2 hours in LV and went thru their Management books...too funny.....the prices were pretty high though on many of the bags....Mir.Speedy is one of them...cant remember the names of the others...the one with the leopard corners...silver evening bag style hard to remember....we shall see when they come in..and the PHh will cut up my cards..LOL
  8. i'm on the list for miroir papillon and pochette. want to be in on the groom though! my sa had no clue what it was.

  9. but the speedy only comes in size 34? :huh:
  10. Im on the list for Silver Mirroir Speedy! :heart::flowers:
  11. I'm on the list for: anything from the Groom line (I'll make up my mind when they come in), Silver Miroir Speedy, Silver Miroir Pochette, Gold Miroir Pochette and I'm thinking I'll put my name down for the Gold Miroir Papillon as well.
  12. 6 bags Jill ????:shocked: :shocked: are not messing around :roflmfao:
  13. I put my name on the list for the gold mirrior speedy and papillon, what is this Groom collection? I am totally in love with's sooocute!
  14. Miroir Speedy-Both colors
    Miroir Papillon-Gold
    Miroir Pochette-Silver
    Groom Cles-Red
  15. Jill, I am with ya!:lol: I just put myself on the lists and see what they come back with. I was on the list for the perfo demi-lune, didn't like it when it came in, so I passed. Went on the list for a black fringe demi-lune, which never made it into production and white fringe bucket, got offered the black fringe speedy, so I took it, happily:P Ya just never know what they are gonna get, so best to be prepared, OUI?