Are you in the closet??

  1. I don't mean are you in your closet snuggling with all your bags. :P

    I mean - are you in the closet about your LV love?
    I recently bought my first LV - on Ebay - and only spent $300 (which I know is a small price for LV) but no one knows.

    The only person I've told is my best friend - and he's in a closet of his own right now.;)

    My husband doesn't know - my family and other friends will say "You spent WHAT on a purse??"

    I guess I'll have to come out when the bag arrives - hubby knows of my LV love and will know what it cost.

    Ayone else in here with me??
  2. My hubby and family know that my LV is expensive, but I doubt they know the exact price. I only have the one at the moment, have downsized my collection, so I don't really feel that I need to hide out just yet, LOL!
  3. I was like that at first...but now I'm just so used to it (and so are all my friends, family and my b/f) that I don't try to hide it....although I admit that sometimes I don't tell the b/f the exact prices of things. lol
  4. i am SO in the closet. i plan on staying that way. i
  5. Sometime I hide it first, I reveal it when I think the time is right. I won't show him if he knows I just bought another bag last week 2 days a go. Sometime I have to hide my bag for 2 weeks..and ta..da..
  6. I had a couple of bags that I used for travel and wan't really accustomed to LV for like everyday or even accessories.

    So, after eyeing the bag for well over a year, I went to LV Boutique 2 mo ago and purchased the beautiful wonderful statement yet functional bag: the Manhattan GM.

    I showed it to people, analyzed it's beauty with my mother. I set it up in my bedroom so it would be the first thing I would see when I woke up.

    I was doing this all alone - I had no idea OTHER PEOPLE like the folks on this website understood my love.

    ps: the other day I was driving in the car and the bag was on the passenger seat and there was this feeling for it. . . . .you understand.
  7. I've done both of these things! I usually do my beauty analysis with my fiance and/or DS. I show them the stitching, the shape, the quality of the materials, the pockets...and they either are truly interested, or they're making a pretty good show of it because they love me. :upsidedown: As for when it's sitting next to me on the car seat...I have been known to reach over and pet my little friend. :shame:

    Back to the thread topic, I'm half in the closet with you, and half out. My immediate family obviously knows. My parents know (and didn't say anything), but I haven't mentioned it to my sisters. A couple of my close friends know; one genuinely admired my LV and one openly scoffed at it. I try to keep it low-key at work, just in case anyone thinks I don't need my job! But I'm getting more comfortable with carrying LV, and I'm learning not to care what people think, good or bad. It's a process. :shrugs:
  8. My family all know the costs since they also buy LV. Hubby obviously knows since he buys them for me and will be there to pay for my gift when I get my next LV.
  9.'s my money...I do with it as I please.
    Even when my boyfriend was alive it was the same...he didn't mind either b/c I use to get him alot of nice things I didn't spend his money on me alone ;)

    My family knows better than to comment on how I should spend my money. It's a mutual respect.
  10. Guilty!! I get caught staring at my bags a lot..:shame:

    I don't talk about it unless a family member brings up the subject. I love the bags, my friends & family know this about me, price is something that doesn't usually come up. I have a few cousins in the fashion industry, two sell designs at local boutiques, one of those is in FITI. Another teaches at FIDM, so our family knows what designer goods go for & it makes no sense trying to hide the cost. I would never get away with it! :lol:
  11. ^

    My MIL doesn't know how many bags I have & I like it that way.
    Just thought I should fess up to that, so maybe I am sort of in the closet a little bit after all.
  12. I don´t really advertise my my bags but some people know and have told onward so I don´t really know how many people actually know! My mom doesn´t know, let´s keep it that way :lol:
  13. Hmmm yeh, I'm here, addicted, I need help. Only my best friend and her mum (as they are both into LV) know what I have spent, but my family think that I got a Keepall off eBay for £65 ($120) and i'm not sure whether its genuine - LOL!! they'd probably slaughter me if they knew....
  14. i don't tell too many people about my handbag fetish. so yeah, i think i am kinda in the closet about it. i am sure that i will come pretty soon, though!
  15. Did you have the seatbelt on it? Must keep it safe you know :yes: