Are you in? THE BOW FAMILY!

  1. I've noticed that too recently. There is a valentino bag I was going to buy and mytheresa was about $500 less for exactly the same bag!
  2. Actually at the boutique it is only $1495..The color is "Ribes" i believe..
  3. Unfortunately in my town there is no boutique which sells miu miu. Do you found the real color was close to the color of netaporter and mytheresa pictures ?
  4. Just want to share with you all my first miu miu bag! After reading all the reviews I am hoping this suede version will not have the crack and sealant color change problem.... Here is the new pink suede bow bag I got from mytheresa. The official color name is mughetto and the bonus is it is made in Italy! Very difficult to capture the color but it is certainly not as pink as the website shows but definitely more pink than my photos.....
    image-3486486974.jpg image-563100039.jpg image-3588339179.jpg
  5. That is gorgeous, molulu!
  6. congrats!!!!!
  7. The suede bow is gorgeous!

    It kills me to say this but i sometimes regret buying my miu miu bow
    The zipper has scratched the leather on the handles so now the color has come off and it is damaged :sad: that happend after a few times using it..ugh now it just doenst look so nice anymore
    The leather on the edges of the bag has also rubbed off a sad
  8. Looks so beautiful!!! I love it! Congrats