Are you in? THE BOW FAMILY!

  1. Color of YOUR bow: Fumo
    From what season is it from? Fall Collection 2007
    When did you get it?: Miu Miu Bond Street, London
    How did you get it: I wanted it, so I bought it.
    It's condition: Mint! - I barely use it.

    Sorry no pic, don't know how to upload photos yet :confused1:
  2. OMG. I did not know we have this family thread! I'm SO late. Anyway, here's mine:

    Color of YOUR bow: Alluminio
    From what season is it from? Season 1
    When did you get it? 07/08
    How did you get it? Help from a fellow PF member
    It's condition: Minor sealant cracks - Oh! I'm lucky
  3. Color of YOUR bow: Fumo
    From what season is it from? Fall 2007
    When did you get it? Nov/Dec 2007
    How did you get it? Had it shipped from Miu Miu Selfridges in London
    It's condition: Some sealant cracks & resealed bows
  4. [​IMG]


    DSCF1740_45%176kb.JPG DSCF1765_60%152kb.JPG
  5. Color of YOUR bow: AMARENA & MUGHETTO
    From what season is it from: Amarena - Season 2
    Mughetto - Season 1
    When did you get it: Amarena - July 2008
    Mughetto - August 2008
    How did you get it: Amarena - got it from Saks
    Mughetto - got it thru a friend
    Its condition: both are in PERFECT condition (so far!)

  6. OMG twochubbycheeks! The Mughetto is really nice and congrats on getting two bows in such a short time. I'm so jealous, it makes want to put up "MIU MIU Mughetto Bow Satchel" on my wish list! Where'd you purchase it from? Japan?

  7. Yeah, the Mughetto is very pretty.. her color is like pink blush.. so cute!!!

    I didn't buy her in Japan. I would never buy anything here at this time. Maybe before we leave as a souvenir! LOL I got her thru a friend back in the States. =)

    My last mission is to get a Zaffiro Bow Satchel- then I'm done! PERIOD!! :sweatdrop:
  8. So, you're in JP right now? Lucky you! I've always wanted to visit JP. You know what? I'm really jealous you have the Mughetto more so you got your wish list almost complete in a short amount of time. I miss those times when I still can do that. LOL! Yes, definitely get the Zaffiro bow but hey, I think you may not be done with just that! New bags are coming real soon! Haha!

  9. That's what I'm afraid of!!! :sweatdrop:

    We're here in Jp 'coz of my DH's work.. gosh! I miss the US! :sad:
  10. LOL! US has got the most steals/deals but JP definitely has the most LE bags! If I could be in two places at a time, that would be lovely. Anyway, enjoy your Mughetto and Amarena! Modeling pictures!
  11. INTRODUCTION - HELLO ! :heart: Me too, must join the Bow family ! ;)

    Color of YOUR bow: Graphite

    From what season is it from? Fall 2008 ? Someone correct me, I'm almost certain I am wrong here !
    When did you get it?: August 4, 2008
    How did you get it: Gift.. from me to me !
    It's condition: to be honest, I haven't checked AND I haven't even carried her yet, I've still got to spray her down with a protectant and I'm just so lazy !!!

  12. [​IMG]

    Color: Zaffiro
    Season: New
    When did you get it?: Last month!
    How I Got It: a gift from my mom
    It's condition: nothing wrong with it so far...I love it!:cloud9:
  13. Your Graphite is gorgeous!!!!

    You're like me.. too lazy to spray my bows! LOL Actually, I've used my Amarena already without spraying anything on it yet! YIKES!!!!:sad:

  14. GAWWWWD!!! This is on my wishlist!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

    Where were you able to find the Zaffiro?
  15. I got it while I was in Milan with my Mom. We were at the Miu Miu store in la Rinascente and I fell in love with that bag :love: