Are you in France?

  1. I saw something I like on the Hermes France website and would like to make a purchase. However, they only do shipping within France :crybaby:. What do I do? Is there anyone on tpf whom I can get H to send the item to and then get it shipped to me?
  2. ^^ Yes.. I am in Paris.. let me know if there's anything i can do to help.
  3. ^^Sweet. Thanks to another member for restoring my faith in this group.
  4. Ditto that!!!:yahoo:
  5. Pinkish love - you are the greatest!!!

  6. :yahoo::yahoo:Thank you pinkish_love!! I'll send you a pm now.
  7. pinkish_love, you're great!

  8. Girl you are in Paris again???? How fun...happy shopping.:yes:
  9. Lucky PinkishLove! In Paris!! I would love to visit there someday! Thanks for being so sweet!
  10. Ditto Ditto. Pinkish L, you're too sweet !!
  11. Ladies.. thanks for the compliments.. how did this thread got shifted to compliment me :shame: I'm not doing anything special.. if any of you were in Paris, they will help for sure.. so :back2topic:

    Yes.. Cant get enough of Paris :heart:
  12. ^^ It's truly very nice of you. I totally appreciate it.

    I remember my grandmother once told me, "who cares what others think or do, you'll always have your family/ loved ones behind you. You just have to ask, we're family...."

    In this "turbulent" time on tpf, you really make feel like we're truly family, thanks sister :smile:.
  13. What a sweetie you are, pinkish_love. That's so nice of you.
  14. I already knew firsthand that pinkish love is a sweetheart!:heart:

    hope you get all you want in paris tricia!
  15. Pinkish are such a sweetie!