Are you "hunting" anything?

  1. Are you hunting any items? Anything you really want and hope to add to your collection?

    I would really like
    CB items maybe red/cream pap and some accessories maybe even a retro.
    Eye need you
    Cerises Sac Plat
    Beach bag I like eponge, ambre and lagoon so can't decide which one
    perfo cles fuschia
    Blue epi cannes
  2. perfo fushica cles
    ceries speedy
    panda vavin pm
  3. OMG I am hunting way too much to mention LOL
    First in line is Rivete in ecru! then perhaps a denim patchwork Speedy 30 in black but withholding judgement on this until I see IRL!
  4. rivete ecru try manchester I've turned it down 3 times
  5. Oh, my where to begin....

    Really want:
    CB Pap, brown/pink
    CB accessories
    Indigio cles
    Spa mules

    Large mono bucket
    Perle Brentwood
  6. Oh twinkle spa mules are great what colour I have the pale pink LOVE them wish they'd bring some more out the "gold" is starting to wear off now
  7. I might start hunting for an Epi Petit Noe soon... but I will probably feel guilty since my other bags have been a bit neglected lately (since I use the same Gucci tote for school everyday). I'll try to use my other bags first, and then get the Petit Noe :idea:
  8. Balmoral pumps, cerises mules. Can't find them anywhere in my size!
  9. A plum Suhali cles!
  10. Not actively hunting but always looking for:
    silver graffiti speedy (always around when I don't have the $$ for it)
    CB brown/pink cles & papillon...maybe retro
    cerises ronde
    panda ronde
  11. Searching for the large-sized black epi St. Cloud, and something in pomme, though I haven't decided exactly what (maybe the flat pouch? :drool:)
  12. :crybaby:

    I have been looking so long!
  13. Actively hunting for:

    Couer purse in Pomme (I neeeeeeed it!)

    Purchasing soon:

    Damier speedy 30
    Damier azur speedy 30 waitlisted
  14. Sorry I meant Coeur :shame:
  15. Hunting for:

    - black and beige Inclusion PM bracelets
    - possibly a CB item in the future