Are you hungry???

  1. I just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone is hungry (besides me). I'm doing great with my diet and have lost about 10-15 lbs ever since July. I'm trying to do it the right way, by eating 3 meals a day (I'm doing Lean Cuisine meals) and exercising (30 mins of treadmill 3-5 x per week). Also putting a curfew to my meals (not allowing myself to eat after 9 pm). Anyways, it's 9:40 pm and I am starving!!! I had dinner at 7 pm (single portion of Lean Cuisine) and don't want to break my rules. Is anyone else out there hungry???
  2. YES!!! Me and a couple of my coworkers just ordered a huge Chinese feast and it's taking forever to get here! We figured, since we have to work an extra hour tonight (due to daylight saving time), we might as well make it a party.
  3. I'm always hungry... its bad!! Vlad and I made homemade chicken and rice soup and just ate that- YUMM!!!
  4. I'm always hungry - but if I'm the PF I hardly think about food! LOL when I get off this computer I'll probably go find some biscuits or lollies to eat! LOL hehehe! When I eat/snack I dont eat the healthiest foods... hehehehe!
  5. even when i'm not hungry i'd always want to eat~~~especially when i'm bored~:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  6. I'm always hungree... :drool: I love FOOOD!!! I'm trying not to eat later than 8... so instead I just drank a Venti sized cup of Hot n Freshly brewed Pete's Coffee! I'm gona be up longer...thinkn of food.. hahaa
  7. I'm always hungry :sad:
  8. well, i made it through the night not eating. just drank a lot of water and went to bed early. woke up at 3 AM starving, but got on the scale and was down to the lowest weight i've been in a long time, so again refrained from my usual midnight snack. anyways, i'm really glad it is morning, because i am starving and now get to eat again.

    isn't vanity cruel?
  9. Me too, it's awful. :wtf:
  10. I love food too but guess Im lucky cos I dont like sweets that much
    but I'm vain too soo I started on South Beach..LOL
  11. honeslty.. im ALWAYS hungry.. NO MATTER WHAT

    i can eat a huge meal and still be hngry.. its terrible
  12. Yep! Just waiting for DH to finish up on the computer, so we can go out to the Thai place for dinner!
  13. When I first started FoodMover a year ago, I was a little hungry. I have since gotten used to eating less, so I feel pretty satisfied throughout the day. I think if you tough it out, you'll stop having that hungry feeling after a while.
  14. Not anymore!

    Just polished off a piece of chocolate cake we got at The Cheesecake Factory last night. YUM! I polished off the Shephard's Pie earlier this morning for breakfast. I've been bad.
  15. I am always hungry. Sometimes after dinner I wash the kitchen floor so I have to stay out!! haha- whatever works right!