Are You Holding Off

  1. on Something for The PCE so that you get something counted for the next PCE?

    I am still holding off on that Scarf Print Ergo. That way I can try it on for size and also have something bought FP towards the next PCE...

    There are a couple of things I really want to see IRL before I commit to putting it on my CC... Like the Oxford Line - tote, pouch & wallet...

    Does my comment seem silly? Do the PCE purchases consider into the next PCE Event?

    Just wondering.

    (OK, I am really, really having to go on a personal ban...)​
  2. No, because I know I will make another larger purchase between now and the next PCE. As much as I try to kid myself into thinking that I am not going to buy anything else, I know myself too well.
  3. Yeah, i'm holding off on the Ergo tote in turquoise for the next PCE.
  4. I've wondered the same thing as well - if the purchases you make during PCE count towards you getting a coupon for the next PCE. :confused1: Does anyone know?
  5. I ONLY purchase during PCE and I always get a coupon the next time. Always. I haven't bought anything full price in a store in a couple of years!! So, no, I won't be holding off. I probably wouldn't buy at all if I didn't get the invite, but that darn thing is so tempting.
  6. Thanks for the information! I have to keep my fingers away from the phone tomorrow. Anyone know if I can officially add to the order once they charge my card? I think they are doing that in the AM. I am sure that after I dropped $2000 plus today they will help me out...
  7. I was wondering about that, too.

    During the last PCE, I purchased 3 bags, 5 wallets, 2 wristlets, 3 scarves, 1 beauty case, 1 keyfob and 1 slim card case. Since then, I have purchased and kept 1 keychain (from my Coach store). I bought a SS Crossbody but returned it cause the monogram lozenge was crooked. I ordered a Soho Sig Hobo and returned it for a Ergo Sig Tote... I then returned the Ergo Sig Tote and held on to the merch credit til last Sunday when I purchased two keyfobs. I have purchased two Ergo Sig Totes, a wristlet and a keyfob... but from dept stores and I know those purchases don't count towards my eligibility for a PCE invite. I ordered my Legacy Signature Patchwork Tote and wallet through Coach CS and I know that won't count towards a PCE invite either...

    I didn't receive a PCE invite for this upcoming event so another question I have is-- did I not get an invite because I returned items?
  8. Wow, that's cool!

    Well, after reading this.. I guess I did kill my chances at a PCE invite after returning those three bags. :crybaby:
  9. I'm trying to hold off but it's not working.

    confused as to how the PCE invites work. I mostly shop outlets but I have purchased a few things (around 500 total) just before the PCE and I have received one invite in the mail and was told by my Aunt that one was on the way. I used my Aunts address and phone number for one of my purchases. I just don't know!!!!!!!
  10. I have only purchased during PCE and got a card.
  11. I too ONLY purchase during the PCE.

    The first time I purchased at the boutique I only spent $118 on a swing pack and ever since I've gotten my card in the mail (and a phone call). If they don't show up in exactly 3 months I get a little worried (like this month...December's was earlier in the month).
  12. You can give your own name when you use the card. They don't check.
  13. I've bought during non-pce events, but only really small stuff (wristlets etc). I've only spent big money during PCE.
  14. Hey, I don't think so. I bought something at Christmas with the pce discount but returned a bag my husband bought me without the discount. I have not made any other purchases this year and I got a PCE card. Also, They gave it back to me today so if I wanted anything else I could get it.
  15. I purchased alot of stuff during the March PCE. My merchandise totals $1422. I am sure that I will
    get the card in the future as I did spend quite alot.
    I don't plan on buying anything until the next PCE and only if I really see something that I love. If Coach does not come out with anything worthy of adding to my collection I will wait until the Fall 2007 to purchase a new bag. :yes: