Are you...High Maintence...Or..Down to earth??

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  1. I love this board...for the majority..people are really quite nice and pleasent..

    I have noticed..on some of the other boards..(other designer labels..which shall remain nameless)...that some of the posters seem ...well more materialistic..and eager to publish their ..wealth...

    I'm not knocking either...I'm just wondering for you see yourself..

    I'd like to think of myself as a very down to earth..kinda lady..I can wear my Walmart sweater..while carring my Louie...;) ...

    Be honest..and share...this isn't meant to be judgemental...but rather fun and honest..
  2. I consider myself really down to earth and low maintenence. I love Target because it's so awesome - I have some cute clothes from there! I only shop at Nordstroms when they have a sale because.. well, Nordies is expensive for me now that I don't work there anymore. Most of MY hard earned money goes toward purses/things that I want and are usually more expensive. I don't ask for much from my parents/boyfriend, and if I do want something really pricey (new bag, jeans) I'll buy it for myself. There's something so good about being able to say I bought this bag on my own. :smile:
  3. I love LV and I am down to earth...wish it was a little less pricey...because I have to save for it....and would like more pieces but, it is a little bit too expensive IMO....but, handmade so there are many merit points for this brand...wish I was rich and could buy anything and everything I like...I really have to think about pieces before it classic will it stay in style for at least 10 years etc...when you spend so much your choices are more thought out...rather than impulsive and picking whimsical pieces...LV is classic that is why I am willing to save for a piece that I like...
  4. Totally down to earth. I love big name designers, money, expensvie cars, all that good stuff, but it doesn't mean that someone must provide those things for me nor does it mean I have to HAVE everything expensive either. I know the value of a dollar and I work hard my designer stuff.
  5. I hear you gf...I am not rich so I save and buy nice stuff on my own for the most feels good to save and treat yourself to a luxury item...I cannot afford a luxury car but, baby I can save to get a luxury bag and that feels sugar daddy...empowered modern it!!!
  6. I shop at Target lol i dont care
  7. When I think of high maintainence I always picture someone who doesn't dip their fingers in cold water and that's not me. But maybe I just didn't think it right so yes, I think I am. When it comes to my bags and shoes they are all high end but a lot of my clothes come from H&M, Zara as well as designers.
  8. I think I'm down-to-earth but high maintenance! :lol:

    DH told me that I'm the only woman he knows that can pull of 20 dollar jeans with a 1.5K handbag. :lol:

    I love LV and Balenciaga sprinkled with a little Burberry and Kooba - DH is sweating it that I'll take a liking to Hermes! :sweatdrop: <---- that's him, sweating it! :lol:

    We are NOT wealthy by any means but a girl has got to have her bags, KWIM? :graucho:
  9. At first I thought this was a post about attitude (because I have to admit I am high-maintenance when it comes to personality), but if it's about material things...then I guess you could say I'm down to earth. I buy all my designer bags with my own money, but a lot of my bags are used. And I do buy LV for my mom because I think she deserves it, so I gues that kinda breaks things even (in my head).

    I'm cheap because I'm not rich, and I don't care if my bags are pre-owned. If there's a sale, I definitely take advantage of it. I DON'T buy designer clothes and shoes; I'd much rather go to an outlet or department store and get stuff there. None of my cheap clothes have worn out extravagantly, so why should I bother to upgrade? For ME (not anyone else), I think it's bad enough that I have designer handbags and I'm not whom should I prove myself to? I belong in an upper-middle-class family, but I grew up with really wealthy people in my area...I know they'd laugh if I was a walking designer billboard. And sometimes I do hesitate when I carry my bags around. Some of them don't even care about haute couture too much.

    I buy designer handbags for its timelessness, collectibility, and longevity...and yes, I've had handbags crap out on me (within a year of use! Sometimes even a couple months), which justifies why I like designer over regular handbags (LV hasn't failed me yet).

    I try to live within my limits, and I'm not fussy if I have to downgrade on certain things (like getting shoes from payless or riding coach on the airplane). There are more important things in life, and I feel blessed to have accomplished what I've already done (getting good marks in college, getting a degree, having supportive parents and friends, and sleeping with food in my belly every night). It's easy to lose sight of things, sometimes, but I get around to it. ;)
  10. down to earth

    prefers classic

    shops at target too :smile:
  11. Right on, same here! :smile: You also reminded me to get that Nelly Furtado CD...heheh..
  12. I think I'm down to earth. The only reason why I buy expensive things is because I believe in the quality. I buy the best cell phones at the time, hoping to use it until it falls apart. I buy LV bags because I want to have something that looks nice, and will last for at least 10-20 years.
  13. I think I'm pretty down to earth. Bags and electronics are pretty much the only things I spend a lot on and I don't try to rub them in anyone's faces. I shop at Target, Walmart, wherever.
  14. Definitely down to earth. I shop at Target & Walmart as well. Handbags are my only designer purchases.
  15. I'm definitely down to earth. And I try to buy everything at a discount or on sale if at all possible!