Are you hiding your LV obsession??????

  1. Because, Ive begun to....

    I think that because I keep buying, although not frequently but 1 or 2 a year, its getting more and more the kind of thing I dont want ppl to know...even those close to me. I dont know how to explain it in the right that they can kind of understand....I just dont want them to think bad of me..or look at me and judge me in any way....Im even begun to consider hiding it from my hubby b/c, I just dont want to deal with his responses....:sweatdrop:

    I had a friend comment that I keep getting the same bag over and over, b/c its the same pattern of LV...and when I laughed it off...she was like....why do you???

    I didnt even want to bother do I explain!!!! But, thank goodness for you guys...truely, I feel like I belong and feel sane....Ive also come to a realization that I cannot stop...I just have to limit myself and be careful not to overdo...but cant really stop, dont want to.....:p

    Your thoughts? Experiences? Thanks for listening to my rants......:shame:
  2. Lol no way, I'm not hiding it at all. My pieces are my wall art. :yes:
  3. My
  4. If I were I am failing horribly because every day people at work ask, "Is that a new bag?" My husband is also rather alarmed at the amt. of brown boxes and bags that are scattered all over our room.
  5. There's no need to hide this kind of obsession!
  6. I know it...but....the comments, the reactions, the contorted face expression...the bewildering eyes...

    I just want to keep it to myself and hide in a corner with my lovelies and stroke them..."my precious"....:roflmfao:
  7. i agree! i love them too much to hide them... :heart:
  8. I kind of know what you mean. I dont care what strangers say but my friends and family like to make little comments that I dont think are meant to be mean but I dont like that they think of me that way. They just dont understand that it is an obsession and not a show off thing so I try not to look like I am "showing off". I think of it as label obsession not label whoring hahaha. It didnt bother me much at first when I was into just coach, but now I am into LV, Gucci, Dior, Prada, and Chanel lol, and I get a bag or accessory every 1-3 months rather than 6 months. I usually get comments like "your parents must be loaded", "can you have any more labels? (yes I can! hahahaha), "I dont even want to know how much that new *whatever* is" and the one that really bothers me is when I ask one of them to go with me to help me pick something out they say "no, because I just buy the cheapest". When I was looking for sunglasses, I asked one of my friends to go with me and give me advice on which styles looked right, and she just goes "no because you will buy $400 sunglasses and I dont spend any more than $10 on mine." Another time not too long ago I went on a trip with this girl I didnt know too well, friend of a friend kind of thing, and I had my gucci tote, coach wallet and prada makeup bag. She said when I pulled out my wallet "geez you have Gucci and coach too?" I felt kind of awkward and did not mention what I left at home and didnt show her the logo side of my makeup bag. Stuff like that makes me feel like a snob. So while I love my stuff I dont hide it, I just try not to flaunt it if you know what I mean. Like instead of being "hey check out my new wallet" just using it without saying anything. Hope I wasnt too confusing lol.

    Luckily though I have a few friends who do get the designer thing, and TPF to make me feel not crazy lol.
  9. Most people who are really close to me know my obsession, it's hard to hide, lol... But sometimes I do hide it from certain friends just to avoid unwanted attentions or discussions. :p
  10. Honestly, I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I love my LV's and I don't feel that I need to explain myself to anyone (including my hubby). My sister-in-law mentioned to me just yesterday that LV was boring with the same patterns and asked why I purchased them. I simply said I liked them and that as long as I made my own money, I would keep buying.

    I make my own money (of course I don't spend it all on me) and so I buy what I want and as often as I want. I am not hurting anyone or commiting a crime so I don't need to hide anything or explain myself.

    There are worst things in life and I know some people that are hiding (or think they are hiding) awful things like drug addiction, gambling, etc. So please, don't feel bad and don't allow others to judge you and put you down. Buy your things because you like them, because you can, and because you deserve them.
  11. That sounds so evil!!!! :devil:
  12. Its soooo true....I dont want my close friends/family thinking that Im some kind of snob or loving the label thing and showing off...and not to mention that Im rich or something...well, they do know better but..still...they might even think that Im very frivlous and a spending maniac...when the truth is, I scringe and save for them.....*sigh*

    This is why I dont want to share it with them and just somehow want to keep this a secret, just for me to know and enjoy....which is pretty impossible when you have to carry around your little secret....:p
  13. Nope, it's not confusing at all, I totally get what you mean! :yes: That is exactly how I feel and what I meant by "unwanted attentions and discussions". :rolleyes: I don't want to feel like I have to explain myself whenever I have a new designer item and get into a defensive mode when being accused of wasting money, etc. Can't a girl simply enjoy her stuffs without being judged nowadays? :nogood: *sigh*
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. :nuts::yes: