Are you hesitant to pay full price?

  1. I used to never even give it a second thought. I used to head to the boutique, find something I liked and paid for it. However, with PCE happening so often in the last year, I am starting to think twice. I also find that the new boutique bags seem to be heading to the outlets so quickly! I find that I am becoming hesitant to pay full price for an item when I can get it for 25% less or at outlet prices. I think the only way I will pay full price now is if I absolutely HAVE to have it and it is in limited production. Does anyone feel the same way or am I alone in this?
  2. You're not alone! 25% off is a LOT...just now I am selling off some older things on eBay to make some extra cash for the 2 wallets I want to get...but I'm waiting for PCE to get them! :smile:
  3. I agree. I am waiting until March PCE to get the Heritage Stripe tote. It's just hard to justify, to me, paying full price, when I can wait 6 weeks and get it cheaper.
  4. My future DH has only purchased one bag full price and that was the first bag, Ali in Black. Ever since then, PCE has saved us a bundle.
  5. i've only gotten my bags second hand, PCE or outlet... and only paid $100 for each of them! more than that is a lot for us, but i'm happy with the other things i have... my cute hubby & my wonderful little boy...

    but i would LOVE to spend spend spend on COACH, but probably wouldn't pay full price either way..
  6. I am the same way. I have paid full price before but usually only when I HAVE to have the bag right then. 25% off is a ton and also the bags are hitting the outlets SO quick right now. On the prices of those bags pce really adds up to a nice savings. I think it's usually worth the wait. :yes:
  7. Before finding TPF I didn't know much about PCE so I thought full price was the only way you could buy Coach. Now that I know how often PCE is and how quickly things end up in outlets, I'll probably never pay full price again!
  8. Very hesitant. At this point I'll only do it if isn't something I think will sell out fast and NEED to have. Otherwise the outlets have been awesome & PCE is always just around the corner it seems :yes:
  9. I have never paid full price for coach stuff... since I don't live very close to a coach store, I usually buy my stuff at the outlets when I go on vacation or I buy the stuff on eBay.
  10. I agree with you 100%!!!!

    If I didn't have the PCE card and $125 worth of gift cards there is NO way I could have logically afforded the Bleecker Large Flap!! $448 is alot. I love it! But yeah I couldn't do that without help from coupons and gift cards.
  11. Me too!:yes: I thought that I had to pay full price and was not aware that they would end up in the outlets so quickly. My first inkling to this was last January when I went to the outlet and saw my Hamptons carryall that I had purchased 3 weeks earlier in the boutique for less than half what I had paid. Needless to say, I was quite annoyed as I hadn't even used PCE on it. I had paid the full price. This forum has really opened my eyes to the fact that I can either use PCE on a bag or I can wait a bit and see if it will head to the outlets. Sure, this may mean that I miss out on some bags but I always seem to find something new to obsess over anyway!:nuts:
  12. I love getting a good deal! I'm a bargain shopper by nature, and it's thrilling for me to root through sale racks and find something I really want for a lot cheaper.

    I bought my Hamptons carryall because it was on clearance at the boutique, and then I got my long-coveted Ergo tote for super cheap at the outlet compared to the original MSRP. I've purchased my mini-skinny and my sig wristlet at full price, but the other wristlet was an eBay purchase, and my sunnies have come from eBay and Nordstrom Rack--both pairs together come to a little over 25% less than ONE pair would have cost me at retail. I could probably handle some of the smaller bags at full price, but the big bags just aren't feasible for me to purchase unless they're on sale.
  13. I've paid full price for 2 out of my 4 bags... 1 of which is my black sig carly and I NEEDED to have her .. and it was a reward for myself for getting a new job! ... otherwise I feel like I can get a better deal through the outlet or PCE. although the heritage stripe tote seems like it might sell out so I can't decide if I want to just order it or not... :shrugs::shame:
  14. The only products I ever paid full price are custom products (like my mink coat) that are made to order. Other than that, I'll admit at being "cheap" by not willing to pay the retail or msrp prices.... but will pay more for products that meet my agenda on sale of course.
  15. I buy most of my bags from outlets. But the more I'm on here the more I'm starting to go into the boutiques.