Are you having an Emotional Affair?

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  1. You may be cheating... and not even know it!!!

    Psychiatrist Irwin Marcus is the author of Why Men Have Affairs.
    He says that you can be cheating on your significant other without being physical with the other person! It's called an "Emotional Affair!"

    Here are FOUR signs of an "Emotional Affair:"
    1) You feel happier with your "friend" than you do with your mate.
    2) You tell this friend news about your life before you clue in your spouse or significant other.
    3) You are secretive and feel a bit guilty about the time you spend with your "friend."

    4) There's some flirting going on and sometimes you fantasize about that person.

    If you said YES to 3 of these signs... you my friend are having an "Emotional Affair!"

    Do you think there's such a thing as emotional affairs?
  2. I think there is... when we had been dating for a few months I found out my boyfriend had been hanging around with some girl that he neglected to mention. When confronted he confessed he had stopped seeing her because he'd developed a "crush" on her over the last few weeks. Let me tell you, it felt just as bad as if he had physically cheated on me, if not worse. With physical cheating there aren't necessarily feelings involved, but when the basis for the whole thing is an emotional connection... :crybaby:
  3. Yes, I definitely think it exists :yes:
  4. Yes, I believe there is such a thing. One of my very best friends is a male. I am the bane of his new girlfriend's existance because I am his confidant.
  5. Yes, I believe they exist as well.
  6. Absolutely! It can easily lead to more than just emotional cheating. You're finding something in another person that isn't being fulfilled by your significant other.
  7. Definitely!

    I read somewhere that women are more affected by emotional cheating, while men are more affected by physical cheating. Maybe cos women are more emotional beings?
  8. Without a exists...
  9. For sure...

    When my hubbies business got started, there was this one girl who would always show so much kindness and attention to him....and he was eating it first...

    He started to go out with his co-workers more and she started to call him, asking him about her personal affairs....thats when my hubby called it quits and started to treat her cold...she left soon after....

    That is where most affairs start I think...curiosity, flirting and then speding time...then in one shared could happen....:yucky:
  10. Before, I always thought that it wasn't cheating if there's no sex involved. But if someone I'm with can't tell me intimate things about his life . . . things he has no problem telling someone else, that would really hurt me and that to me would boarderline on cheating.
  11. Well in this case, I'm apparently having an emotional affair with someone! (but it's a girl and I'm not gay)

    I don't think this should be taken seriously.
  12. Yes I believe in this type of emotional cheating and I think that it can also lead to more involved things.
  13. I've definitely done it and it was horrible! I wasn't fair to anyone, myself, my bf or the other guy. It all ended terribly and I lost them both. Worse of all, the new guy lost respect for me.
  14. it definately exists and i've definately done it and had it done to me - it's a horrible feeling, and sometimes you don't even realize you're doing it until it's way too late to stop caring about the new person. i'd much rather be physically cheated on, personally. at least then maybe you were drunk or something.
  15. I know it exists,
    that's why some of the rules I made with my Hubby were...
    1. No girl bestfriend
    2. No going out one on one with a girl for whatever reason
    3. No entertaining female friends with their private problems unless they tell it to both of us.
    4. And same rule I apply to myself...
    I know alot of you might not agree with me but...
    I do not believe that anyone is immune to temptation not even when you are inlove...
    There would always be room for another...