Are you happy with your Square Vintage Ligne N/S Tote?

  1. I saw this bag in black in the stores....loved it....but was afraid to make the price jump. Then, it seemed like they were all sold out. They were just getting in other colors, but not black. I kept drooling over the ones here on the board. Finally, one store got it in so I bought it. I was so happy because I kept been thinking about it for a long time.

    It seems that other members have bought and returned this it because it is too puffy? I haven't used mine yet.....sometimes I really love it...and other times I am afraid it is too puffy or more just fall/winter. Not sure what to do. :confused1: Would I be better off returning it and getting something more practical like a Cambon tote? TIA!
  2. I like this much better than the Cambon personally. The Cambon is widely thought to be a little trendy or on it's way 'out' although I still love that bag.
    I returned mine because it was white and apparently I'm a complete wuss! LOL! Also, I was afraid of it sagging. . .
    I'm still completely coveting this bag though, I may end up buying it back or getting teh E/W one.
  3. I love mine.... I have the black!!
  4. I loved mine but I couldn't make the straps stay on my shoulder:sad: . I just sold it and had gotten myself the small black Diamond Stitch tote bag and it's perfect:yes: ! Have you at least worn the bag even inside the house to see how it feels/looks like on you?

  5. I returned my dark brown N/S Sq. Vintage Ligne (basically force-sent to me by SA insisting I would 'love' it & if not, then 'just return it') as well as the black Trianglular shaped SV. The SV was just one of those bags that I never snipped off the tickets (which indicated I was not 'so sure' about it). They sat in their boxes for a couple of weeks before I made the decision to return them. My DH disliked the braided handles from the start which put the seed of doubt in my mind. Also he felt it was too puffy (ski resort quilted down jacket) and too much like a very expensive diaper bag (Both N/S & E/W tote versions). The bag is pretty, just not my style. They were simply way too expensive for me to allow to sit in their boxes unused. Too many other bags out there for the taking (and using)!
  6. This bag is my current favorite. I love the handles, the quilting, the size, everything. I have not purchased one because I couldn't decide on the color! I thought the black looked a little like dark gray--maybe because the black is not shiny. I think the white is gorgeous--but I've never owned a white bag before & not sure how much I'd use it. I don't think it lookd too puffy when worn. It's a little pricey, but if you have the money then enjoy it!!!
  7. I love this bag!! I have it in gray and love the poof-i-ness of it. I am pretty certain that it will only be a fall/winter bag for me though as it does remind me of a down jacket. :lol:
    I am currently lusting after it in white.:upsidedown:
    I prefer this bag because it isn't as structured as the cambon tote. I prefer slouchy bags.
    I think the bag is gorgeous in black!!
  8. For the price point, I suggest the lux line over the vintage line.
  9. I LOVE mine... I do agree with Swanky on the 'afraid of it sagging' part, which made me laugh cause I always tend to overload my bag and it's not good to do that with this tote. However, it feels soo nice. I need to get a more timeless style now. I'm seriously contemplating the Grand Shopping Tote in Black.. (I think Swanky has one). I really want one!
  10. I continue to love this style although I have noticed that it doesn't seem to be a fav of the board. I almost had two because I love the style so much but one of mine got lost in the mail--long story--so I ended up with one.
  11. I adore the Vintage square line... IMO it is the most unique Chanel design I've seem lately. Its got the classic quilt, the chains but all done in an incredible, exclusive way. All the other lines are somewhat 'too similar' in my eyes so I think VS is something different!
  12. Yes, I agree, and that's what I hear from a lot of people, as well.
  13. can someone post a picture of this bag? i would love to see what it looks like.
  14. Here's mine in black
    Chanel.jpg Chanel logo.jpg Chanel Side.jpg Inside.jpg
  15. Here was mine in white:heart:
    DSCF2145.jpg DSCF2144.jpg DSCF2146.jpg DSCF2139.jpg