Are you guys wearing your Mirage Speedies right away?

  1. Did you guys wear it immediately? I havent worn mine, planning on wearing to the mall tommorow, however with tommorow being the official release date, I dont want to look like a goober wearing it! LOL

  2. selena ~ you certainly won't look like a goober!

    I almost went into my LV tonight for a repair issue, but changed my mind with the Red Sox/Yankees game in town...... I was going to wear my mirage if I did. I think the release date got moved to the 10th. At least that's what I heard.
  3. Wear it girl!!!!!!!! And wear it proud LOL
  4. go for it! I always use my new bags straight away
  5. mine's a b-day gift and my birthday isn't till nov 29th, so i am waiting a while to use mine. not all the way to the date, but a while. at least till its closer.
  6. If I had it. I would be wearing it now. Wear it.
  7. I'm waiting until I pull out more of my fall clothes. I just got the neo cabby in black, so I'm trying to enjoy it. Believe me, I want to pull it out, but I'm afraid I'll neglect my other babies!!!
  8. I told my DH that I was going to carry all of my stuff in a plastic Wal-Mart bag to the LV store so I could dump it into my NEW bag tomorrow! LOL! Hell yes, you'd better believe I am USING it!
  9. ROFL, GOOBER... omg, that cracked me up. Wear it and make everyone jealous imo.
  10. WEAR IT!!! YOU MUST wear it tomorrow!! It will be a great day out, and a fun day to carry it for the first time! You are a goober if you dont.
  11. Carry it. It's too beautiful to be sitting in the closet in it's dust bag!
  12. I use my bags right away. I am normally too excited to wait. Use it and enjoy it.
  13. i definitely wear my bags right away. i can never contain my excitement lol.
  14. LOL! I guess I was a goober to ask the question! LOL
  15. I used mine yesterday and today....I ROCKED it at the grocery store! LOL