are you guys tag adders or removers lol

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  1. I never remove the hang tags but I tend to add more lol

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  2. lol I never remove either, usually add one or more fobs.
  3. I never remove...but recently I've discovered the amazing world of fobs...and I'll like add 1 (no more) to a bag.
  4. I add, I do not remove.
  5. I've added a single fob to bags without removing any coach tags but I may decide to remove that glittery, clear plastic coach tag from my new black groovy. I don't care for it, it looks cheap to me!
  6. adder fact on my brown groovy I added the poppy graffiti coin purse
  7. sometimes i remove, but mostly i add a that i am addicted to em
  8. I tend to add as well.
  9. I remove my hangtags they get on my nerves always tangled up some how. I keep them is a special box. I always add some kind of fob!!
  10. Does anyone know if they sell additional coach tags seperately? I really like certain ones that come on certain bags but I dont want to buy the whole bag....?
  11. Love to add !! I like the "jungle" lol!!!

  12. only on ebay and there are 2 sellers that always have tons of the new ones as soon as they come out...
  13. I've seen sellers with lots of them too, makes me wonder how they get so many.. stolen??

    I always keep the original hangtag on, and add one more for personality :smile:
  14. I'm not a big hangtag fan, so outside of the original(s) on the bag, I typically will only add a fob.
  15. ya I wonder too ... I just bought this one for my large black sabrina.should be here tomorrow

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