Are YOU guilty?

  1. Are YOU guilty of buying a bag, however it has yet to arrive in your arms, and you're already plotting to either sell or trade it for something else?

    Name your bags:graucho:
    Mine is a Balenciaga twiggy (hasn't arrived:push:smile: for a Jimmy Choo (just ordered).:wlae:
  2. Sheesh. No, even I don't move that quickly..! :blink: :push:
  3. lol. I'm guilty of buying/ordering a bag and then seeing another one the same day that I just HAVE to have.

    The thing with me though, is I rarely ever return or sell anything. Usually once I see something new I want I just get wait a little while and get it while still keeping my old purchases lol.
  4. Yup, guilty! i would order a bag thinking this is what i really want, no bag can top it..bag of the year for me!! but once i know its coming i will browse about..thinking i will be fine..dont want any bags..then it happens i fall in love with another one! depending on how much money spare money i have got and the cost of the bag..if i can afford it i will buy it in a haste thinking its a bargin but the guilt starts to creep in! then i start weighing whether which bag is more i can rotate bags so im using it evenly..maybe selling 1 to make me feel better.. but that usually doesnt happen as im too greedy and want both! so i just suffer my guilt until the 2 bags arrive! If i know i can afford the two bags without being in debt then the guilt will subside more..just guilty of having too many bags!
  5. First I see handbag and I have to have. I justify and say this will be only handbag I buy this year. Than I get the handbag and I want to get another. The whole cycle repeats itself. I keep telling myself that I will sell my older handbags to make me feel less gulity. To be honest I never sold one yet.
  6. Yes i'm so gulity of that. I'm doing that right now.

    Once i pay for a bag and i know it's being delievered then in my mind i already think that i have it and i imdiately start looking for my next's a disease..
  7. Yes! I bought one off eBay. The auction title was spelled wrong, so I got a good deal (if it's not fake). OMG I'm sending myself bad karma! Anyway, I don't think I'm going to like it. I'll sell it off towards what I really want.
  8. Hmmmmmm....
    I think that's called buyer's remorse,
    and most likely it's motivated by not being able to afford it!
  9. Yeah, I only do this when I have buyers remorse, like if I convinced myself to get it because it was a really good deal, but then I find one that I REALLY want. Then I've decided to return the first one even before I see it--poor bag!
  10. I do get buyers remorse, but it has nothing to do with money. I only pay with cash/debit, so I literally do not buy anything I can't afford.

    I am a baaaad impulse buyer. I get buyers remorse when I make purchase without thinking it through. Later I realize I don't even like it that much and I could have had something I love instead.

    Everytime I go through my closet I end up donating a ton of stuff that still has tags on it. It makes me feel bad, because it is wasteful.
  11. I just got a new Furla from Yoox two weeks ago, told my hubby it was absolutely the last one until at least my birthday in Oct, then saw about 10 more I wanted last night on the same site - they weren't available two weeks ago so I didn't know about them! Luckily the one I got is the most practical of them all so at least I am not stuck with that problem too. The others are just pretty!
  12. No, I am not guilty of this (yet-haha). I try to think all my purchases through very, very carefully and will stew about a certain bag for ages before I go through with the order.

    Impulse buying is tricky, IMO. I try not to buy things impulsively, but a couple items I bought this way I have ended up LOVING the item and being so happy I decided to buy it. Other times, the situation ends up with a trip to the returns department!
  13. I'm not guilty. I usually lust over my bag for so long that when I get it I just can't wait to hold it in my hands. I'm not buying enough quantity (or able to afford this) to be able to think about another bag after I buy a balenciaga for a while, at least a couple months.
  14. I'm also trying to think things over a bit more before jumping in because I find returns to be a nightmare in this country. I bought online for years in Europe and never had any trouble. Now I have to deal with restocking fees and return shipping, it makes me think twice.
  15. Nope, not buyer's remorse for me:p Also, money isn't the issue. :nogood: