Are you going to buy anything from BG 20% off event?

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    Shop for women's shoes, handbags, ready-to-wear, and men's tailored clothing from April 9-12, and receive a Gift Card.
    Spend $500-$999 Receive 10% of purchase
    Spend $1000-$2499 Receive 15% of purchase
    Spend $2500 or more Receive 20% of purchase
    Gift cards must be used by May 31, 2008

    I've asked BG to hold two J12s in white for me and my friend, the 33mm one with diamond markers. I plan to use my GC to buy Chanel Day & Night necklace along with some skin care.

    The SA told me that BG had increased the price of J12 with diamond markers from $4,850 to $5,370 on April 1. But he is so nice that he conviced his boss to continue to give me old price. :tup::tup:

    I wonder what you are going to buy. :woohoo::woohoo:
  2. Bg takes nm cards right? If so I am in trouble. LOL!
  3. Yes, and if you live outside NY,it's tax free. My SA also waived shipping.
  4. That is a sweet deal. I actually received $485 (10% off), and a $450 gift card. I did pay extra $25 for overnight shipping. Congrats and enjoy your J12. I'm so in :love: with my black 33mm diamond J12. It's gorgeous! Congrats!

  5. you got a percentage off and a gc? please xplain, omg all these promotions, Im losing it.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh im gonna be homeless, ok not good:nuts:
  6. anyone know if BG carries the CHANEL BASEBALL SPIRIT bags?
  7. Seems the department stores are in a war with gift cards & promotions.
  8. yah! get it there and get a great deal, no tax!!!!
  9. I know and the J12 is HOT! I just purchased around EGC and my SA applied a 10% discount, no tax! I did pay $25 for overnight shipping, it was totally worth it!

  10. You got a great deal!!! If I was going to buy a J12 I would so get one now and get an 800 gc!
  11. I hope i can get the J12 watch MM38 w diamond markers but with the old price as i missed the chance and now the price has recently adjusted...sigh!
  12. so that means that if you get your j12 at BG then you would get 20% off. omg that's a good deal
  13. Let's say if I spend $2500, do I get both 20% off AND a gift card for this event?? If this is true, it indeed is a not-to-miss event! :nuts:
  14. i m always curious how you ladies successfully convince the SA to get you discount for the j12 :smile:
  15. You only receive a gift card worth 20% of your purchase.