ARe you glad or not that Tokidoki is coming to an end?

  1. Well after 5 prints lets say. But are you glad its over? are you actually dissapointed that its over? To be honest, I am glad that it is over because i don't need to be obessed with it anymore and that my money is at least saving up now. No offense to those who love tokidoki dearly. Don't get me wrong, i do love tokidoki but it has to end somewhere, somehow or you'll be having thousands of bags in your room. :smile:
  2. I'll always be obsessed with Tokidoki. It started with bags but now I love and want everything. I hope there'll be more collaborations. I feel nothing about the bags stopping. I got what I wanted and I'm happy with it.
  3. I'm real glad lol The only print I missed and might want in the future is transporto, maybe a small vancanze. I'm not too much into tokidoki anymore but I do love the bags I did pick and will continue to wear them occasionally but I have moved on to other bags :smile: Still bag crazy regardless.
  4. I'm glad the whole bag collaboration is coming to an end because my wallet and bank account need a serious rest!! I love all the bags I have tho :yes:
  5. I'm glad it's ending too - I love the bags I do have, but its enough. :tup:
  6. Yes actually... although I love my bags, I'll be very happy to give my bank account a much needed rest (especially with the holidays rolling up). Now I can relax and actually get to enjoy all my bags and not worry about what new ones will be coming. (Although I would really love if LSS did a re-release of Tan PG so I can finally snag a Stellina).
  7. Yes I am. It was tough enough to get my first one. Then my other two I got without my hubby knowing. Not that he cares but he doesn't understand why I need so many and what not...anyways, I'll be relieved to not have to think about them. Although, it would be nice if tokidoki for lesportsac was a permanent line that way no pressure to get them NOW!
  8. NOT! I understand that it has to come to an end sometime, I am disappointed that it is ending after Vacanze. I'd love to see a few more prints/seasons.
  9. I too, am sorry it's over. The new prints hold much more anticipation for me than the latest re-hash of another "Limited Edition" in other purse brands (which happened to appear in a previous season :rolleyes:).
    Only wish the bag styles changed also, not just the prints.
  10. I'm relieved. I need to stop buying.
  11. i'm glad it's over -- i love them all but i don't want too many so this makes it easier to narrow down what i want. i'm looking forward to the re-releases and i hope they re-release some of prints that i didn't get to see in stores like tan PG, the camo prints, and citta and citta rosas.
  12. i want it to end... i have a bad addiction to collecting things in general :sad: so when it ends that's just one less thing to collect
  13. :tdown: even after the collab ends there will always be more tokidoki to buy.
  14. I am, it will give mine and my mother's bank accounts a break! I do have a few that I plan on getting in the next few months (something inferno, a transporto bv, famiglia gioco), but once I get those, I'm done with buying Tokis. I hate being a very poor college student, lol.
  15. I have mixed feelings about it. :sad: