Are you gifting or getting any Chanel for Christmas?

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  1. I usually only buy bags when I can afford them, whether or not it's a holiday. Last month, I bought myself a baby Birkin 25, so I consider that an early Christmas gift to myself :smile:
  2. I’m getting a small black WOC or bag for Christmas. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll find one in time, but at least I have the green light to get one when I find it. I wanna see a pic of this baby B!
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  3. I don't think mine will come in time for Christmas, as I'm wait-listed and there are still 19 to go in front of me. But I'm extremely excited to get the 19 bag, size small in black. Saw it in person and it's amazing!:smile:
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  4. Maybe one of our members will have an SA who can get one for you :smile:
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  5. Was in the Chanel boutique this past weekend, initially in there for a small black o case, but walked out of there with a navy mini flap...justified the purchase as a bday/gift to myself. And my husband feeling bad that I didn't add the ocase to the purchase got the ocase for me as a christmas gift. :smile:
  6. Lucky girl! My husband doesn't shop with me, but I think he'd breathe a sigh of relief if I ever passed anything up.
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  7. It's black togo w/ palladium hardware. I'm so in love. Of course, I'm already eyeing other bags. The addiction never ends.
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  8. I plan to get my first piece this month. I am so excited !
  9. What do you have your eye on?
  10. My medium 19 flap and so black 226 are hiding out in the closet waiting to go under the Christmas tree :biggrin:. I can’t wait to finally use them
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  11. 20C Vanity Case in gray !!!! So pretty :yahoo:
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  12. Same here. Christmas is really for kids for us.
  13. Yep Chanel Santa came early for me. My husband and I don’t do Christmas because we get each other stuff throughout the year.
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  14. I have my eye set on a Petite Timeless Tote on eBay but let's see how that pans out.
  15. My DH brought this home today...but I can’t open it until Christmas. The anticipation may kill me.

    Perhaps this is a lesson on patience :smile:

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