Are you getting magenta LE and VIolet?

  1. Or just one of these? Just curious.
  2. I shooting for Violet
  3. I'm only getting violet. I feel like Magenta would be very hard to wear for my wardrobe.
  4. Just Violet and that is not even 100% sure until i see it in person.:sweatdrop:
  5. I'm getting both......Magenta RH City and Violet Med. Matelasse. :yahoo:
  6. Just violet. Magenta's never been on my wish list.
  7. I have an 05 magenta city and am on the list for a Violet work.
  8. I am getting a Violet bag and I already have a Magenta pouchette. I know I have to have magenta in a smaller bag or I will never use it so that is why I didn't get the LE City!
  9. LE Magenta (GH) and a violet coin purse (and a Marigold Makeup...) GAH!
  10. Im on the list for a violet first.
  11. I am getting the Violet rh city for me and the magenta le rh for my sis. If hers is fab I may have to borrow it.
  12. I have a 05 Magenta City in brand new condition and I am on the list for a Grape First and City. Hopefully they will get Make Up clutches in Marigold cuz I am on the list for one of those as well!!!
  13. I can't do Magenta, it's too bright for me.. I'm looking forward to Violet!
  14. i'm getting a violet makeup :drool:
  15. I cancelled my order for the magenta LE. I am on the list for a violet first.