Are you getting bloomingdale's insider coupons?

  1. I haven't gotten a coupon since the beginning of the year.. while my friend gets one like every month. I been spending lots of $$ too.. What's up with that?????:crybaby: are you all getting your insider's coupons?
  2. Yes, I do get them each month, but my husband has a separate account and he has not always had success in getting his coupons. He was owed about $300 for a large purchase he made and after several phone calls and no definitive answer on why they weren't issued he gave up.

    In general, we are extremely dissatisfied with our Bloomies accounts....the service is awful when you call them, they keep putting fraud alerts on my card and holding up my purchases (and I have no idea why and they are unable to explain it to me), our credit limits are too low even though our credit history is impeccable and the limit on our other CC is $50,000, then on top of it all, my DH doesn't always get his coupons.

    We've thought about cancelling the CCs, but never got around to it.
  3. Yeah I've gotten mine. I get those catalogs with the coupons in them as well.