Are you fickle?

  1. As soon as I get a new bag, the one I was using get nicely packed away, and I don't use it again for a long time.
  2. Exactly my problem! That is why I have so many barely used beauties packed away! I tire fast of the "had to have bag" - Of course my bank account is helping me keep reasonable space between purchases.
  3. I don't think I'm so bad, right now. I try to use things. I'm actually worse about using new items of clothing -- sometimes I stupidly 'save' them, when I know I shouldn't be!
  4. I think I said this is a previous thread but I tend to go on certain "bag kicks" where one week I'll feel like wearing a big bag. The next week I'll feel like wearing a small clutch or Wapity'esque wristlet. I just can't seem to make up my mind about certain bags and it drives me sooo bonkers at times :wacko:!
  5. Same for me too!
  6. When I get a new bag I'll use to constantly for a while but then I will go back to switching it up. I love to have my bags match what I'm wearing.
  7. I'm terribly fickle which is why even when I finally have my Birkin I'll still have roving eyes. :blink: :lol: I'll keep on collecting.

    Lately I've been enjoying changing bags frequently, I'm no longer one to use one to death and then move on.
  8. That's a big problem for me too. I have Chanel bag that I have not used for almost a year until a week ago. I put it away again :sad: because I'm oh so anticipating my Bbag.
  9. Nope, but that's because once I buy a bag I love....I don't ever use it! I store it away nicely like it was a museum artifact. BF said he's give me a cabinet one day to display them.
  10. I just rotate certain bags and retire others :biggrin: