Are you fashionable and artistic & crafty?

  1. Everyone loves fashion here, but I was wondering how many of you are also crafty or artistic? :idea: What art or crafts do you like to do? Please share!

    I like to make jewelry and to make cards, gift and scrapbook pages with rubber stamps! I like to decorate my house and like coming up with landscape designs too.
  2. I love to draw and paint, I also keep a pic-scrapbook about my future life :smile: I also make every card I give myself!

    I'm going to apply to a art school to study interior design... I need to practice my drawing a lot :worried:
  3. I love to draw and paint, my favorite mediums are pastels ( charcoal) and Oil Paints. I've had NO time to paint lately, I miss it.
  4. besides photography, i also draw. well back in college anyway. i'm pretty proud of some of them. i also do some graphic design work as well. i miss that stuff. now photography is all i do.
  5. My mother and brother are very artistic; my mother paints, draws, sews, can play piano by ear, ack - it makes me sick. Brother inherited her talents.

    I cannot do any of that - unless you count culinary skills/talents; i.e. can eat a restaurant dish (anything, desserts to sides, to ornate main courses.) and then duplicate it at home without recipe, but, traditional art, I have no artistic/creative talent whatsoever.
  6. asides from shopping up frequent storms, i'd say im more crafty, i just completed my photo albums and i scrapbooked some of the pages and they turned out ok :shame:
  7. I guess I am fairly crafty. I make jewelry - sterling silver with gemstones, etc. My speciality is earrings. :smile: I also like to take pictures, mostly of my kiddos.
  8. I used to sculpt, and throw pots, definately a fun hobby. I did a lot of darkroom photography as well. Artsy stuff just get picked up by me really easily, but I find that I rarely have time for the projects anymore.
  9. I make soap and other B&B stuff. I also draw but I haven't recently. I also do weird small crafts for homes like make magnets. I also make cards and love, love, love to wrap presents.
  10. I love the silver and gem stone jewelery too! I wish I knew how to use a soldering tool I also like the swaraski (sp?) crystal stuff too. The hobby started gettin pretty expensive though, so now I mostly do paper crafts and always make my own cards now!
  11. I write. I love creative writing and doing profiles on people. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger.
  12. I make jewellery tpo out of beads oh and i enjoy sewing things is well :smile:
  13. Inky Paws, I bought one of those cold soldering tools, but have yet to try it! I like Swarofski as well - just made a really pretty bracelet with top-drilled bicones. It is a VERY expensive hobby! Do you ever go to any bead shows? Sometimes they have bags there, too. Very dangerous!
  14. i majored in visuals arts.. i paint/draw/doodle/etc.. though haven't picked up a pencil/brush/etc for a long time now. recently, my artsy fartsy stuff was just applied to my cellphone, where i studded it with rhinestones. i got pretty into it when i started to stud my ipod case (just a plain regular clear hard ipod case) too, and this time, with Swarovski crystals too.

    other than that, i do web and graphic design when i have time.

    hehe. shameless plug, i don't care!
  15. I make websites and enjoy doing graphic design kind of stuff.
    and don't tell anybody, but once in a while I paint (acrylics) or play the piano (I took lessons for several years) as an expressive outlet.