Are you familiar with this MJ color?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar or has any MJ bags in a rose color? I am trying to find out if there were some bags done in a very muted (maybe even drab looking) rose. It may be an older color and it is deffinitely not in the pink family. I have seen several in pinks and this is not one of them. Thank you! giselle
  2. Yes, I know what color you are talking about. I think I have seen that color being referred to as washed rose, or faded brick. Sometimes that color will pop up on ebay, and I think bagborroworsteal had a stella that you could rent in that color. Just FYI if you were needing a place to look at the color.
  3. Thank you! I found the exact color and bag at bagborroworsteal which helped me confirm that there was a Marc Jacobs Stella made in the rose color. That really helped me, I appreciate it! giselle
  4. UH OH..........I just saw over there that is was not an authentic Marc bag but by another I could have a problem, sigh. But I still appreciate the help! giselle