Are you "FAB" all the time?

  1. I love to dress up, but sometimes it can be so exhausting. If I am running errands or doing shopping, I need to be comfortable so I wear jeans, tennis shoes/flip flops, and many times a hat. I always admire people who look fabulous everytime they leave the house.
  2. No, I love being comfortable. The only person I have heard that is always "ON" is Dolly Parton! :heart:
  3. I don't look fabulous all the time but there are people that don't try to look fabulous but they do! I wish I was like that! If I just woke up, I look like I just work up and if I put my sweats on, I look like a regular girl with sweats on. Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba are different...they ALWAYS look fabulous! No matter what they wear!

    I just love saying the word "fabulous"...
  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: so funny!
    you should see me around my end-of-semester exams, i look like a mess and wear the same jeans and t shirt for days! now, you should get Dolly Parton have my art school exam period which always leaves us with paint splattered clothes and then we'd see how "fab" she'd be!!!
  5. I'll look fab when I have to but other wise I'm pretty casual. Shopping I'm cascual can't really go far in heels at the mall.
  6. I love looking fab too but some days all I want is COMFORT.
  7. Dear me, no! *as I type in Yoga pants, an oversized t-shirt my grandmother gave me from the Great Wall and my hair pulled back in some hideous prim bun*

    I think looking fab only certain times makes you appreciate how nice you can look. Besides, I'm too happy to be in yoga pants and lazy shirts.
  8. NO! But I would LOVE to be!!! I have to dress up more! I feel that if I am dressed FAB - I feel FAB!!!:biggrin:
  9. No. Comfort is #1 to me, so "FAB" hardly ever happens if ever at all, which I am perfectly fine with:biggrin:
  10. I would also love to look fly every day but it's nearly impossible with my schedule. Unlike celebrities who have people to cater to their needs, average folks have lots of errands to run, classes to attend, children to care for, and housework to do. The list is endless! I try to look nice and pulled together every chance I can get but most days I simply don't have the time.
  11. Most of the time... NO. SHHHHH don't tell!!
  12. I wish. No reason to try most of the time though. I stuck sitting at home in my sweats. When I go to work I wear jeans and a t-shirt. I do dress up to go shopping though otherwise my clothes would hang in my closet untouched forever.
  13. I love looking the best I can may not be the best to anyone else...but I will always look in the mirror and play with what I have. I love makeup, I love clothes, shoes its just fun to me. I love that people can always say that the women in our family always looked wonderful, even gettting a few things from the grocery...I just love being a woman....
  14. i am rarely fabulous. :\ i wish i was one of those pulled together people, but i'm just too lazy. but since i live in the pacific northwest in a teensy tiny town i usually pass for dressed up because i brush my hair, put on make up and accessorize. heh.
  15. nope I am not.. for my job, I work with children and it's hard to be always dressed up when I know on any day, I will be working on the garden with a kid, running around, or playing hoops... I wear my flats or my rubber shoes most of the time...