Are you eyeing the Pyramid Eye Rogue?

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  1. I am. There are so many lovely new Rogues. I also like the graphite metallic tearose Rogue.
  2. I haven't seen that yet, just about to have a look. I see there is a pyramid eye clutch on Saks for £54. It says "leather canvas" but the others in canvas are same price. Something strange afoot? It is not coated canvas as far as I can tell.....could be a bargain if they've listed wrong price if leather...?
  3. If it is a "pouch" as it is called here in the US, then it is likely canvas with leather trim only. I have been fooled by online images of other pouches before (from the Dark Fairytale collection) as well, thinking they were all leather, and then seeing them in person to find out they are not.
  4. Hi, yep it is a pouch. Hmmm. I'd say its definitely either coated canvas or leather as I can see it in the pics and the others are described as canvas . But I'm going to hang on till I find another pic elsewhere before I go for it as I can't return it easily being in the UK. Found it on coach - its 225 dollars. Got to double check then go for it!. Whoop. There are two on the Coach site - one canvas and one leather. Rogue looks ace.
  5. Hmm, i still cant tell. Saks has a photo of the leather and it mentions a wristlet ie the leather 30, but the description is size of the canvas 26. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  6. Saks doesn't always list the correct info. I recently bought a dinky from them, and they referred to it as the crossbody bag, but it was specifically a Dinky, and should have said so (like some of their other Dinky listings). So sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what they are selling. In my case I knew from the pictures I was getting the item I wanted, but the name of the item confused me at first.
  7. Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for that pyramid eye Rogue to show up! Now...when to pull the trigger... :biggrin:
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  8. I actually got to see it in the flesh (or would it be in the hide?) at a store, and while it is lovely, I am not sure I can convincingly (or authoritatively) pull it off, fashion wise at my ripe old age. Maybe I was in a strange mood that day, or feeling too serious to appreciate the whimsy of the bag. Not sure. We shall see.... But don't let me spoil your fun, and for sure, it is a fun bag!
  9. I am so heartbroken they didn't make a full-zip wallet in this pattern I really need a new wallet and it seems like every fun collection only includes a card case or a half-sip wallet.
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  10. I agree with you 100%, Elizabeth247.
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  11. I pulled the trigger on the Rogue. It’s cute and fun, but I’m a little disappointed in the way it arrived. The bag seems okay, but the gift box is torn crumpled and the ribbon was not tied on the box, but just kind of stuffed off to the side. Worse, the label has been peeled off of the tag, so there is no style/description/price. I’m weird - I keep the tags. And I’m really disappointed that I’ve had sale bags arrive packaged much better than this one that cost nearly $1000. I’m 2 hours away from a Coach store, but I’m really not very happy at the prospect of not having a tag, and also the crummy packaging. Not sure whether to call Jax or the nearest store first. Input welcomed!
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  12. Hi! I don't have an answer for you on whether or not a proper tag could be sent to you from either JAX or the store closest to you, but I would call up whichever Coach store actually sent you the bag. This is a brand new bag, and there is no reason that what was sent to you was not perfect in every way. I would also take a picture of the tag and the box to email to them at Coach, to show them the exact condition of what you received so you can ask that replacements be sent to you. It never hurts to ask for what you want and what you expect. Best wishes and luck to you.
  13. Congrats on your new rogue! I think it looks pretty cool!

    I am on a spending freeze for Coach and have been for months. I was mad at them and decided to take a break from giving them my money and there just hasn't been anything special enough for me to break my wallet out yet. I do like one of the new colors in the plain rogue 25 but am not willing to pay full price again for any bag unless it is SUPER special.
  14. I ended up doing some traveling over the holidays and was close to a Coach store. I ended up taking it in for exchange. The SA was super helpful and arranged to have another bag sent to me. It arrived today in an intact gift box with ribbon properly done and even though it's in its dustbag, a lot of the wrapping is still on, including the plastic loop tether for the shoulder strap.

    I really think the other one was a return. This one is definitely new, which I'm happy about, but there is a rivet around the pyramid that's definitely misaligned. Gah, I never took myself as being so hard to please!! LOL That design is so busy with glitter and embellishment and shiny that it shouldn't be too noticeable when carried, so I'm going to try to get over it. If there was inventory any nearer than 300 miles away, I'd go pick one out in person!

    BagsRGreat - thanks for the input. I knew I needed to do something as I would always be irritated about the situation and would not ever enjoy the bag.
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